Ullevi and Scandinavium (Heden district)

-Ullevi Park, Skånegatan, Evenemangsstråket

Nya Ullevi is a multi-purpose stadium (football, concerts, athletics, skating etc), that opened in 1958. During concerts it has a capacity for 75 000 people, it is one of the largest stadiums in Scandinavia, and centrally situated. The area around Ullevi consist mostly of modern buildings. Scandinavium is a large indoor arena, inaugurated in 1971. It has been used as a championship arena more then 50 times, many hockey and handball games and concerts with bands such as Iron Maiden, Metallica, ABBA and Queen have taken place there. In 1985 the Eurovision Songcontest was held there. It has a capacity of 12-14 000 people. Scandinavium is a curved structure and was in 2006 repainted from orange to grey. After dark illuminations are projected on the facade . The area around Skånegatan and Korsvägen is called Evenemangsstråket, part of the Heden district. Here you also find Liseberg, Gothia Towers, Universeum and Världskulturmuséet.

There are several tall highrises at Skånegatan; Scandic Hotel Opalen is a hotel on Skånegatan, built in 1964 as a 11-storey building. But in 2009, 5 more floors were added, making it a 16-storey building.  Ullevi Park is a 16-storey office highrise from 2013 at the intersection Ullevigatan/Skånegatan. Gröna Skrapan (Green Skyscraper), designed by White Architects, was built in 2010 at Gårda district, next to Ullevi and the 17-storey glass highrise Gårda Business Center from 1989.

Nya Ullevi Stadium Nya Ullevi Stadium Nya Ullevi Stadium Nya Ullevi Stadium Nya Ullevi Stadium Nya Ullevi Stadium Nya Ullevi Stadium Ullevi Park Scandinavium 1 Scandinavium 2 Scandinavium 3 Scandinavium 4 Scandinavium 5 Scandinavium 6 Scandinavium 7 Ullevigatan 05 Ullevigatan 08 Ullevigatan 09 Ullevigatan 11 Ullevigatan 13 Ullevigatan 14 - Comfort Hotel Post New highrise Ullevigatan, Göta Kanal Ullevigatan 17 Clarion Hotel Post Ullevigatan 19 Drottningtorget Göta Kanal Ullevigatan 22 Göta Kanal, Drottningtorget Ullevi Park Ullevi Park, Ullevigatan Skånegatan 01 - Scandic Hotel Opalen Skånegatan 02 Skånegatan 10 Skånegatan 11 - Scandic Hotel Opalen Filmstaden Bergakungen, Skånegatan 12 Vasakyrkan Skånegatan 14 - Nya Ullevi Gröns Skrapan, Gårda Views from Gothia Towers 07 - Scandic Opalen, Ullevi Views from Gothia Towers 08 - Ullevi stadium Views from Gothia Towers 09 - Scandinavium, Sten Sturegatan