Skylines and views

-Gothia Towers, Liseberg, Lilla Bommen, Ullevi, Anneberg

Gothenburg has traditionally been a lowrise city, but many highrises and skyscrapers are planned for the near future in Gothenburg, some under construction, and some recently built. The tallest one will be the 73-storey Karlatornet (Charles Tower), that with a height about 280m. It will surpass Malmö’s Turning Torso as Scandinavia’s tallest building, and will have company by another skyscraper, creating a new area called Karlastaden, part of Lindholmen on Hisingen island, siutaed right opposite the city center. Gårda, Nordstan/Central Station, Järntorget, Liseberg and Lindholmen will all have their own clusters, changing Gothenburg’s skyline dramatically. Järntorget will have a 33-storey skyscraper, Clarion Hotel Draken, and a cableway station in the near future.

Opposite Liseberg you find Scandinavia’s largest hotel, the Gothia Towers, which consists of three glass skyscrapers with glass-enclosed elevators, connected via skybridges, rooftop restaurants and a  glass-bottom spa is among the attractions. It was originally built in 1984 with just two towers, but a 3rd tower was built in 2014 while the other ones increased their heights.

Lilla Bommen, also called Skanskaskrapan or Läppstiftet (the Lipstick), is a red and white 22-storey skyscraper built in 1989, a famous landmark for Gothenburg. Initially it was the headquarters of the global construction company Skanska There is an observation deck viewpoint on the top, called Götheborgsutkiken, with circular glass walls. The new Regionens Hus (County House) is a brandnew 15-storey highrise with a glass exterior that shifts from white to green. At Lilla Bommen, that is also the name of the central harbour area, you find the postmodern Gothenburg Opera House (Göteborgsoperan), built in 1994, and a marina.

There are several tall highrises at Skånegatan, near Ullevi stadium and Scandinavium; Scandic Hotel Opalen is a hotel on Skånegatan, built in 1964 as a 11-storey building. But in 2009, 5 more floors were added, making it a 16-storey building.  Ullevi Park is a 16-storey office highrise from 2013 at the intersection Ullevigatan/Skånegatan. Gröna Skrapan (Green Skyscraper), designed by White Architects, was built in 2010 at Gårda district, next to Ullevi and the 17-storey glass highrise Gårda Business Center from 1989. ÅF-huset is a white 16-storey office highrise built in 2004, a landmark at the southern entrance.

At Kungsgatan you find Göteborgs Domkyrka (Gothenburg Gustavi Cathedral), a large, 53m high, church in neo-classicist style. It is also known as the Swedish Church, to distringuish it from Tyska Kyrkan (the German Church), a church from 1748 situated at Norra Hamngatan. These two, plus Hagakyrkan and Vasakyrkan are the tallest churches in the city center. On a hill at Masthugget you find the beautiful red-brick, neo-gothic church Oscar Fredriks Kyrka (75m tall), designed by Helgo Zettervall. It is 60m high and was inaugurated in 1893. Other churches are also the 62m tall Masthuggskyrkan and St Johannes Kyrka.

There are also several residential dull modernist highrises, so called "commie blocks" in suburbs such as Västra Frölunda, Bergsjön and Kallebäck, recent years som more modern and better looking highrises have been built in these areas.

The large suspension bridge Älvsborgsbron, a landmark of Gothenburg, is passing above Göta Älv in the West part of Gothenburg. It is 933m long and 107m high and opened in 1966. The North part of Göteborg from Göta Älv is situated on a large island called Hisingen.

Views from Gothia Towers Views from Gothia Towers - Lilla Bommen, Regionens Hus Views from Gothia Towers 07 - Scandic Opalen, Ullevi Park, Nya Ullevi Views from Gothia Towers 08 - Ullevi stadium Views from Gothia Towers 01 - Liseberg, Universeum Views from Gothia Towers 02 Views from Gothia Towers 03 Views from Gothia Towers 04 - Scandinavium, Ullevi Views from Gothia Towers 09 - Scandinavium, Sten Sturegatan Views from Gothia Towers 10 - Universeum Views from Gothia Towers 11 Views from Gothia Towers 12 Views from Gothia Towers 13 Views from Gothia Towers 14 - ÅF-huset, Liseberg Views from Gothia Towers 15 Views from Gothia Towers 16 - Johanneberg Views from Gothia Towers 17 Views from Gothia Towers 18 Views from Gothia Towers 19 Views from Gothia Towers 20 Views from Gothia Towers 21 Views from Gothia Towers 22 - Liseberg, Johanneberg Gothenburg panorama from Johanneberg, 2004 Liseberg 06 Liseberg 07 Liseberg at dark 01 - Lisebergstornet Liseberg at dark 03 Lisebergstornet Gothia Towers Hotel 01 Gothia Towers Hotel 24 Gothia Towers, Liseberg 04 Gothia Towers, WTC, Svenska Mässan from Universeum Views from Universeum 10 Views from Universeum 09 Views from Universeum 08 Views from Universeum 07 Views from Universeum 06 Views from Universeum 05 Views from Universeum 04 Views from Universeum 03 Views from Universeum 02 Views from Universeum 01 Ullevi Park, Ullevigatan Ullevi Park, Ullevigatan  Lilla Bommen Skanskaskrapan, Lilla Bommen Skanskaskrapan, Lilla Bommen Regionens Hus Gröna Skrapan, Gårda Inom Vallgraven, Old Town 74 Inom Vallgraven, Old Town 70 Göta Älv Scandinavium, Ullevi, Opalen 2004 Johanneberg Gothia Towers