Greater Gothenburg


Gothenburg has a population of about 1 million in the metro area. Some of the largest suburbs are Mölndal, Partille, Frölunda, Askim, Angered, Kållered, Lindome, Kungälv and Kungsbacka. Mölndal is a city with 37 000 inhabitans (68 000 in the kommun) that you pass by before you enter Gothenburg from the South. Mölndal is divided in two with the highway and borders central Gothenburg. Lately a few new highrises have been built or planned in Mölndal, like the Quality Hotel Weaver.Kungsbacka is a small city in the bordering Halland county with 19 000 inhabitants. Gothenburg itself, and the Eastern suburbs are situated in Västra Götalands Län (Västergötland), and the suburbs to the North in Bohuslän. Gothenburg Archipelageo (Göteborgs skärgård, to the West and North of the city), Bohus fästning (fortress) in Kungälv, Aeroseum (airplane museum in the Northern suburbs) and Volvo Museum in Arendal are some of the sights situated outside the city borders.


Mölndal from the highway Mölndal 1 Molndal 2 Molndal - Quality Hotel Weaver

PARTILLE, Sävedalen and more:

Partille Partille1 Sävedalen Bohus fästning HPIM2424 Bus Malmo-Gothenburg South of Gothenburg