Halmstad's city center

Halmstad's city center has many preserved old buildings and pedestrian streets. Even if Halmstad is surrounded by hills, this part of town is flat.
The river Nissan flows right through the city center. The main square is called Stora Torg.

Hotell Vinslottet, just next to the castle.

Nicolai Church is the landmark of Halmstad.

A ship, one of two located at Nissan river, right in the center of Halmstad. A jazz band was playing on the boat.

Halmstad Slott (Castle). It was built as a pleasure palace for Christian IV, king of Denmark (Halland was part of Denmark then) and residence to Poul Huitfelt. It was originally a farm that was rebuilt to a castle in 1615. The style is known as Christian IV renaissance, more reminiscent of Danish countryhouses than of a royal palace. In modern times it has become the residence of the governor of Halland.

The bridge over Nissan with Immanuelskyrkan in the background.

These tall silos, belonging to Viking Malt, look a bit like highrises from the distance.

Halmstad Slott, the ship and a flower garden just on the bank of Nissan.

Immanuelskyrkan, a church with a café in its groundfloor.

The river bank of Nissan with the fountain in front of St Nikolai Kyrka.

A Picasso sculpture, yes it’s true, called Woman’s head“.

It was erected in 1971.

Nissan, Brogatan towards Stora Torg.

The new library building was opened in 2006 and is built in glass. The building hangs over the river of Nissan. It reminds a bit of Malmö stadsbibliotek. Its shape was drawn after the trees that stand on the ground.

The new area called Nissastrand with the library in front of new residences of the riverbank.

Looking towards Stora Torg with Gallerian to the left and stores like H&M and Åhléns.

Stora Torg, the main square of Halmstad, is characterized by St Nikolas Church, a great sculpture fountain and the vegetable market thas has been there on holidays since I was little. There are also department stores around the square.

Rock and metal music is popular music in Halmstad.

Carl Milles fountain “Europa och tjuren“ from 1926. Another copy of “Europa on the bull“ is located somewhere in Tennessee, USA.

The motive has its roots in Greece mythology, where Zeus, in a shape of a bull, abducts princess Europa.

Rådhuset, The Town Hall of Halmstad. It consists of an old part from 1938 and a modern part from 1982. The old part is definately more preferable.

St Nikolai Kyrka (St Nicholas Church) stand right at Stora Torg.  At a height of 62m to the spire, it is the tallest building in Halmstad’s city center, and the city’s tallest building between 1490 and 1988. When completed it was completed, Halmstad was part of the Danish province of Halland. It is one of the few buildings that survived the large fire in 1619.

The beginning of Storgatan, the longest and nicest of several pedestrian streets. Beginning from Stora Torg.

The trendy stores at Storgatan.

A yard that has been modernized with a large Espresso House, boutiques and a glass elevator shaft. The yard is located between Storgatan and Köpmansgatan and has a gate on each side.

Kirsten Munks Hus from around 1620. Munk was Christian IV:s consort. Its green glazed brick facade is very nice.

A display window in Munk’s house has a faked electric guitar in the same style as the house.

To the left is Gastons, a trendy restaurant where we had diner. Pretty good location and food, but very slow service. To the right is Vattenporten.

Vattenporten is one of the grandest building along Storgatan and has a popular deli café with the same name on the groundfloor.

Another historic building on Storgatan.

Looking towards Norre Port from 1610, that leads to the city park.
It was once a part of the city’s fortress and is one of the few preserved city gates in Sweden.

Lilla Torg (little square), looking towards Vattenporten. An exotic view with the palms and open-air restaurants.

Röda Kvarn (red mill), a cinema in classical style at Lilla Torg.


The tower belongs to a marketplace building, that formerly was a fire department.

The TV building at Lilla Torg. Looking towards Galgberget.

A very grand residential building between Galgberget and the city center.

Krönleins, formerly Appeltofftska bryggeriet, is the brewery that make among others the popular beer Three Hearts, Halmstadcider and Cuba-Cola, Sweden’s first cola brand.

Vallgatan (Bank Street) is a charmy street behind the brewery.

Hantverksgatan towards the roundabout.

Oldfashioned shops in central Halmstad.

Brogatan, seen from Stora Torg. As you can see, you can even buy kebab in Halmstad.

Kyrkogatan. The halftimbered houses of Broktorpsgården from the 17th century. Stora Torg in the distance.


A tourist train at the roundabout at  Karl XI:s väg.