Halmstad aerials

Halmstad only has 4 fairly tall structures: the Trade Center, Nicholai Church, Eurostop and the silos. The city can best be viewed from Galgberget (Gallows mountain) or from the top of Trade Center.

Views from the 24th floor of Trade Center, Halmstad's tallest building:

View to the southeast with Hallandsåsen in the distance.

Andersberg in front of Eurostop, where we were before.

Note the factory in the middle of the forest.


Views from Galgberget:

Towards Trade Center and city center.

St Nicholai church and the silos.


Views from the narrow top of Galgberget’s observation tower:

To the south: Nissastrand, Andersberg and Trade Center.

A closer view of Trade Center, Halmstad's tallest building with Andersberg's commie blocks in the foreground.

City center and the harbour.

Panorama from the south (left) to the city center in the middle and the harbour to the right.

Lilla Torg can be seen in the middle and the beach in the distance.

The stairs up to Galgberget.

Pines at Galgberget.

The shadow of the tower.