The skyline of Hannover

- Telemax, VW Tower, Lister Tor, Norddeutsche Landesbankatsoper, Leine, Frank Gehry Tower, Anzeiger Hochhaus, Marktkirche, Neues Rathaus

Hannover's skyline is not very impressive. There are no real skyscrapers, the highrises in the city are quite grey modernist ones and just a few tall churches left standing. When approaching the city center from the main station you see the Hochhaus Lister Tor from 1974, Sparkasse from 1977 and the 141m tall VW-turm from 1948. But the tallest highrise is Stadtwerkehochhaus, a quite anonymous modernist building from 1975, 92m tall, only one meter taller and one year newer then Liser Tor. An even lower building, but much more beautiful, is the Anzeiger Hochhaus, a 10-storey highrise with a green cupola, the first highrise built in Germany, completed in 1928 in brick expressionist style. If you count the antenna, Messehochhaus (110m) is the tallest. The tallest building is the beautiful Neues Rathaus (New Town Hall) from 1913 at a heigh of 97.7 m to the spire, followed by Marktkirche from 1359 that is only 0.7m lower. The most interesting modern highrise is the 18-storey Norddeutsche Landesbank from 2002, built in deconstructivist style with diagonal stages with glass facades.
Telemax is a 282m tall TV tower in the East outskirts, that is the tallest structure in Hannover. It was built in 1992, then the old tower changed to VW tower. The factory Heizkraftwerk Linden has three chimney, the tallest 125m tall.

Telemax is Hannover's tallest structure. Telemax is 272m tall. Telemax Hannover skyline from the station 1 Hannover skyline from the station 2 Hannover skyline from the station 3 Stadtwerkehochhaus, Hannover's tallest highrise Stadtwerkehochhaus Frank Gehry Tower 2 Alstadt with Marktkirche Deutsche Landesbank Lister Tor VW Tower, Lister Tor Maschpark Mitte (city center) and Leine river 31 Neues Rathaus Sparkasse VW Tower 1 VW Tower 2 Allianz bldg Anzeiger Highrise Anzeiger Hochhaus Waterloo Column
Loftstyle hotel, Mittelandkanal