Central Heidelberg

This page is about the part of central Heidelberg that lies between the railway station and the old town, and thus is a bit modern and large scale then the old town. Bismarckplatz is where the long pedestrian street Hauptstrasse and Altstadt begins.

Hauptbahnhof, main railway station. Pretty ugly compared to most other Heidelberg's buildings. Note the crowd of bikes!

The Marlboro man welcomes you to Heidelberg!

Print Media Academy, Heidelberg's most famous modern building, was built in year 2000 together with the famous sculpture that stands in contrast to the geometric
shapes of the building. The atrium is visible through the transparent glass exterior.

The futuristic atrium of Pring Academy, a woman was running towards me and said "no photos" at the same time as I took this picture. Luckily she was too late!


The "S-printing horse" in front of the PMA is 13 m tall. The sculpture has many symbols, like pointing towards the relationship between thinking and printing.

As a graphic designer I found it interesting to visit this high school for pring and graphics, but wasn't allowed to go inside, except for a short time! It has 12 floors and is 50m tall, but Heidelberg's 4th tallest highrise building.

Another strange modern Heidelberg building, right next to PMA.

Central Heidelberg is heavily trafficated, except for Old Town, so they have tunnels for the pedestrians.

The nice modern fountain at Adenauerplatz, looking towards the mountains.

Nice buildings (especially the green one) near Bismarckplatz.

An Italian restaurant.

Bismarckplatz is modern and a bit dull with Heidelberg standards. There are a few beautiful older buldings as well here.

Bismarckplatz is a major transportation hub for trams and buses, as well as home of 2 large department stores: Galeria Kaufhof with its panorama elevator, and Woolworths.

Galeria Kaufhof.

Views from the panorama elevator of Galeria Kaufhof:

A tram approaching at Bismarckplatz.