Helsinki Airport, Vantaa

- Flight Copenhagen-Helsinki-Hong Kong-Tokyo

Helsinki Airport is Finland's largest and busiest airport, with 18.8 million passengers annually. It is situated in the city of Vantaa (Vanda), 17 km North of Helsinki's city center. It opened in 1952 and is the main hub for Finnair. The airport, operated by Finavia, has two terminals and is very modern and comfortable. The longest of the three runways is 3500m. During landing there were views of Helsinki, Espoo and surrounding forests, lakes, sea and islands.

We flew with Finnair to Tokyo, the first time in Finland for us. Our flight from Copenhagen was heavily delayed though because of problems with the air condition, so we missed our flight to Tokyo (via Fukuoka)! Instead we had to wait the whole day at Helsinki Airport. Then we had to fly to Hong Kong instead, and there wait for a flight to Tokyo, causing lots of problems and delays for us! Finally in the late evening we arrived at Tokyo's Haneda Airport, instead of at around noon that was intended.

Finnair only compensated us for this heavy delay, the change to fly via Hong Kong and half a day to spend on Helsinki's airport with about 8 euro, only enough for a sandwich! So this was our first, and last flight with Finnair, for a very long time.


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