Beyazit, Bazaar Area and Eminönü

All these neighbourhoods are located near the old town, the grand bazaar and Eminönü, part of the Fatih district.
Beyazit is the area around the large and famous Grand Bazaar. The university is also in the surroundings. At Eminönü you can find the Galata bridge, the ferry terminal that takes you to the Asian side or the cruise along the Bosphorus, and the Sirkeci railway station.


The Grand Bazaar is one of the world's oldest and largest, the largest among several in Istanbul. It has more then 3300 shops and stands, 18 portals, 7 fountains and a mosque. The covered bazaar was founded by Mehmet II in 1461. It was burnt down five times.

Turkish delight

Grand Bazaar has developed to look like a shopping galleria lately   Grand Bazaar
The entrance to the Grand Bazaar.

There are many lamps for sale in the Grand bazaar, and many Turkish flags can be seen.   One of the more narrow passages

The old bazaar

Antique market/old bazaar   Pedestrian street outside the bazaar



Outside the Grand Bazaar

Nuruosmaniye Mosque (Camii) outside the bazaar   Nuruosmaniye Mosque
Nuruosmaniye Caddesi, a green pedestrian street near the grand bazaar.



Beyazit Square (Beyazit Meydani) is a large, green square between the university an the grand bazaar. It was built in Constantinopel during the Byzantine period, originally as Forum Tauri, later as Forum of Theodosius. The building in the center is the Calligraphy Museum.  

Calligraphy Museum at Beyazit Square. The square is situated between the districts Fatih and Beyazit.


Istanbul University, historic main entrance leading to the university park.   Istanbul University

Beyazit Mosque

Beyazit Tower, a historic structure, 85m tall.

Beyazit Mosque at Beyazit Square    

Beyazit Square with university and mosque


Police HQ near Beyazit Square. The police outside had machine guns!

    Turkish garbage boys




Eminönü, here seen from the Bosphorus ferry, is a neighbourhood at the southern edge of Golden Horn. Here you can find the Galata bridge, the ferry terminal that takes you to the Asian side or the cruise along the Bosphorus, the Sirkeci railway station and the Egyptian bazaar with the spice market.  

Süleymaniye Mosque and the Galata Bridge, the famous bridge above the Golden Horn between Eminönü and Galata/Karaköy.


Looking West towards the Süleymaniye Mosque

Yeni Mosque (or Valide Sultan Camii, left) and Süleymaniye Mosque (right), Istanbul's largest mosque. From this place we heard loud call for prayers.  

Looking East towards the Topkapi Palace


Our ferry to Asia was cancelled because of fog!

The boat to Asia at the Eminönü ferry terminal.  

This fog! But we made a cruise along the Bosphorus instead, the day after.



Sirkeci Station, the most famous railway station on the European side. Once the end station of the Orient Express, still terminal station for all trains from Europe. Considering that, the station itself feels surprisingly small. The station was inaugurated in 1890 and drawn by August Jachmund.  

Old vs modern Turkish trains.


The traditional Turkish restaurant Orient Express at Sirkeci Station is famous.  

Interior of the restaurant

Details of Sirkeci Gan (station)    
Ankara Caddesi Ankara Caddesi and Sirkeci station