Karaköy, Galata Bridge, the Golden Horn and Kabatas

This page is about the Galata Bridge that crosses the Golden Horn (Halic) and the part of the hilly Karaköy neighbourhood (formerly Galata) around the Galata Tower, that is situated on the north side of Golden Horn, bordering Istiklal Caddesi, and the Kabatas harbour, also on the north side, just to the East of Karaköy, with banks opposite the Asian side. Karaköy is a historic part of Istanbul's city center, mostly dominated with very old buildings.Karaköy is today known as a neighbourhood for painters and artists with many galleries and music stores.

Also see the part Views from the Galata Tower.



The Galata Bridge crosses the Golden Horn (Halic) where it ends in the Bosphorus. The Golden Horn divides the North and the South part of the city center, both on the European side. Pedestrians, cars and trams can pass on the bridge and there are two levels. On the first level there are restaurants and the upper level is famous for the many fishermen trying to catch fish in the Golden Horn (above). There has been five different bridges at the site, the current one was completed as late as in 1994.



The Galata Bridge from above, seen from the Galata Tower. The bridge has been featured in Turkish literature, theatre, poetry and novels.

Walking over the Galata Bridge, across the Golden Horn, to Karaköy. Some tourists might think they cross to the Asian side, but that is not true.

The Galata Bridge with the Suleymaniye Mosque in the background.  

Yeni Mosque on the south side of the Galata Bridge and the Golden Horn Tram passing the Galata Bridge at sunset

Karaköy with fog on the Bosphorus that prevented us from visiting the Asian side

The Golden Horn, Karaköy, Galata Tower and Galata Bridge

The Galata Bridge in front of Karaköy

Galata Bridge and Karaköy

Galata Bridge's new tram stop

Topkapi seen from the Galata Bridge

A new bridge across the Golden Horn is under construction (2013), here seen from the Galata Bridge.



Kabatas, Karaköy and the Galata Tower seen from the Bosphorus

The Galata Tower is more then 750 years old! It was the tallest building in the city, then in a Genoese colony in Constantineopel, when completed in 1348. It is 67m tall and has an observation deck (click to see the views) on the top.




Architecture at the Galata tower

The square beneath the Galata tower

Karaköy and the Galata bridge seen from Galata Tower Istiklal Caddesi's south end, close to Karaköy Historic tram at Istiklal Caddesi's south end


Kabatas is situated between Besiktas and Karaköy. Some ferries starts there. This is a traffic jam in front of the harbour, with the Asian side in the back.  

The modern diagonal metro train to Kabatas

A mosque near Kabatas