Sultanahmet - part 2

Sultanahmet is the historic neighbourhood in the city center of Istanbul, part of the Fatih district. Here you can find Istanbul's most popular attractions, the former cathedral and mosque Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque (that can be found in part 1).
These two buildings both have huge interiors beneath the massive domes, we went inside both of them. Between them is a large fountain that is illuminated in different colours after dark. Sultanahmet is also where hordes of tourists arrive, and you can find many restaurants there.


There is a very picturesque neighbourhood between Hagia Sophia/Sultanahmet Square and the waterfront. Smallscale houses in Turkish style are situated on small hilly streets, and you can buy Turkish carpets on the street. Many hotels are located there.

Four Seasons Hotel

Tevkifhane Sk with Four Seasons Hotel, formerly a prizon, to the left.    

Akbiyik Caddesi, a picturesque street with many small hotels   These rundown lanes are just next to the fashionable streets of Sultanahmet.

Hilly lane towards the waterfront.

Part of the Theodosius Wall, the former city wall of Constantineopel that partly is wellkept. To the left is Hagia Sophia.   A house for straycats near Topkapi.
This poor guy needs a real home and some Blue Buffalo cat food.



Alemdar Caddesi, a hilly street next to Topkapi, with many restaurants. The tram line to the Eminönü harbour goes there.


A picturesque, hilly lane next to Alemdar Caddesi

The modern tram at Alemdar Caddesi


A kebab restaurant we tried, Alemdar Caddesi

  A kebab restaurant we tried   Stray cat at the kebab restaurant. Looking for a bowl of scraps or Blue Buffalo

Taya Hatun Caddesi, a picturesque pedestrian side street to Alemdar Caddesi. As you can see, the East (right) part of it goes along the Theodosius Wall.


Alemdar Caddesi, tram stop

Police stop at Alemdar Caddesi


The waterfront is situated just below the old town of Sultanahmet. The busy road Kennedy Caddesi and the Theodosius city wall are situated along the waterfront, where you also can find large amounts of fishermen and the famous Topkapi Palace.
In the background is the Asian side.



There are many stray cats on the streets of Istanbul. Here on Kennedy Caddesi, just next to the waterfront.    

Skyscrapers on Asian side

The Asian side can be seen from the waterfront at Kennedy Caddesi.   Fishing is very popular in Istanbul

Theodosius City Wall with Hagia Sophia in the background

The skyscrapers of Sisli on the European side seen from the waterfront.   Topkapi Palace (click to get there)



The historic district of Sultanahmet seen from the Bosphorus ferry. The Topkapi Palace is in the middle on the top and to the right you can see the Hagia Sophia Museum. Note the large Turkish flag to the left.