City center


Karlskrona's city center lies on the small island Trossö. It is parly an UNESCO world heritage site and features some for Sweden unique Baroque buildings, 3 of them located at Stortorget (presented on a separate page).. 4 important churches are also located there. Trossö has ferry connections and bridges to the other islands in the archipelago. The city center is really hilly.

Stortorget (Main Square), Karlskrona with its baroque buildings and sculptures. From the left: Frederikskyrkan (Frederik church), Karl XI statue, Trefaldighetskyrkan (Trinity church) and Rådhuset (the Town Hall). Click on the picture to view a large version.

The marina at Skeppsbrokajen.

Österleden street, just outside the railway station.

Höglands park, a nice park just between the railway station and the big square.

Höglands park has some nice sculptures and fountains.


A tourists train on Landbrogatan.

Ronnebygatan, the main pedestrian street of Karlskrona. To the left is the shopping galleria Kronan. There are 5 shopping malls in Karlskrona totally, of which 3 in the center!

Lights and mirrors inside Kronan shopping mall.

Bergqvistska gården from 1790, at the end of Ronnebygatan.

Sumo sushi!


Blekinge Museum:

Blekinge Museum is an open air museum about Blekinge county's history and culture.

The museum has an archive, a library, a café and a photo archive.

The old windmill at the museum.

The museum started its business in 1899.

A photography session at a wedding in the baroque garden of Blekinge Museum.

Borgmästarekajen, a street parallel to the small boat harbour right in the center of Karlskrona.


Fisktorget is the square just next to the sea in the city center, where you take ferries to the archipelago and different islands.

There is a large fountain in the water right outside Karlskrona's center.

The sculpture of a woman that sells fish.

Icecream sold in a London double decker.

Small boats in the harbour between Trossö (city center) and Saltö (with more resideintial character, back)

This small ferry is one of many lines that takes you around Trossö and the archipelago.

Boats and Saltö.

The new Scandic Hotel lies right next to the sea.

This sculpture was erected just outside the new Scandic Hotel.

A small boat in front of the small ferry terminal.

Wachtmeisters galleria, a shopping galleria where glass roofs have been built above old and new houses. It lies right in the city center and has 30 stores.

Ronnebygatan, the main pedestrian street.

Höglands spår, an abandoned railway track that goes right beneath the city center that is located on hills! The tunnels are now closed!

Details of a jugend building next to Höglands park.

Alternative Karlskrona!

"Fisken" (the fish) by Carl Milles, a famous sculptor. It is situated on Klaipedaplatsen.

Klaipedaplatsen, a square next to Stortorget.

Ugly graffiti on typical Swedish red wooden house.

The paving-stone street that leads to Stortorget is sloping.

Borgmästaregatan, a pedestrian street next to Stortorget. I had a gyros at the open air restaurant to the right.

Borgmästaregatan with Wachtmeisters galleria to the left.

Street musician with the small city library and Holy Trinity Church in the background.

Small scale architecture at Borgmästaregatan.

Ronnebygatan, East of Stortorget:

Ronnebygatan is the main shopping street of Karlskrona. This is the East part.

Riksgallerian, one of 3 gallerias downtown.

First Hotel Statt, the old city hotel in an impressive building.

Red Light fastfood and Playbar pub!

Impressive buildings on Ronnebygatan. Looking towards Stortorget.

Nice colourful building in Eastern European style. Montmartre restaurant on the ground floor.

There are many nice buildings in Karlskrona's city center.

Trossö seen from the bridge to Stumholmen.

The 12-storey building to the left is one of the tallest, and one of the ugliest buildings of Karlskrona. Seen from the bridge to Stumholmen.

The hilly Kyrkogatan (Church Street) leading to Fredrikskyrkan.

A large parking lot near the water.

Typical Swedish houses.


This nice park is located in the south part of the city center.

The abandoned undergound railway track, mentioned before, goes right through Amiralitetsparken.

Jugend/funkis building next to the former railway track.

Amiralitetsparken, looking towards Amiralitetskyrkan's clock tower.

Amiralitetskyrkan, also called Ulrica Pica is Sweden's oldest wooden church. It was built in 1685 and stands right in Amiralitetsparken. This is the church's clock tower. The church is red and located 3 blocks away ( but I have no picture of it).

Amiralitetskyrkan's clock tower with the abandoned railway track right beneath it in Amiralitetsparken.

Örlogshamnen, a military complex just next to the sea and Amiralitetsparken. There are military buses and military ships.

The naval harbour. Military area! The building is called Skeppsgossekasernen.

The sculpture "Skeppsgossekåren".

A rock is the wall of this wooden building's garden!

Nordenskjöldska gården, an inner yard built by admiral C F Eneskjöld. 1901-1974 it housed Bleking Museum.

Today there is an artist's studio at Nordenskjöldska Gården.

There are many American oldtimers in Karlskrona, just like in many other Swedish cities. This one on Norra Kungsgatan.

Norra Kungsgatan, with the abandoned railway track in the middle. On top of this hill is Stortorget.

The Railway Station was closed for train traffic because of construction works on the railroad. So I had to take the bus to Karlshamn, and change to train to Malmö there.

The city center seen from the North part!

Borgmästarekajen street with te biking lane just next to the sea with the island Långö in the background.