Stumholmen is an island, connected to Trossö (city center) with a short bridge. It is an important place for naval history. The marine museum lies there. It is free to visit some old military ships, even if you don't visit the museum.

The Marine museum at Stumholmen island seen from Trossö. 3 ships lies outside the museum, that are open to public. From the left: Jarramas, Västervik and Bremön.

A closer look at Karlskrona Marinmuseum and the full-rigged ship Jarramas.

The bridge to Stumholmen.

Stumholmen is also hilly.

Stumholmen is today a civil part of Karlskrona, but for 300 years it was heavily controlled by the navy. It was for long a material harbour with different kind of factories. Many older buildings, from 1700s to 1950s, are preserved here, since it escaped the big fire in 1790. There are also 2 art museums on the island!

One of the factories at Stumholmen.

Karlskrona Marinmuseum, entrance.

Old American car outside the museum.

View towards an nearby island, with thewater tank and the high mast, that is the tallest structure of Karlskrona.

A ship propeller.

Bremön, a minesweeper from World War II. The only remaining one of 14. You can get aboard the ship.

HMS Västervik, a robot boat, formerly a torpedo boat from 1975. In 1981 a Russian submarine run aground at Karlskrona's archipelago, and the commands were interrogated at the ship.

Jarramas, that is Turkish and means "the noisy one", is a very popular full-rigged ship from year 1900. It served as an educational ship for ship's boys.

The entrance to the Marinmuseum, a postmodern building, right next to the water.

A party was going on inside the Marinmuseum, among large maritime sculptures.

View towards small islands in the archipelago.

HMS Västervik.

The ship was moved to Karlskrona Martime Museum in 1997.

The minesweepers of Bremön.

Forbidden for unauthorized people to visit the ship - in 1940!

The interior of Bremön is well preserved.

The engine room of Bremön.

The submarine at Stumholmen, behind the people.

Hilly street on Trossö, near the bridge to Stumholmen.