Marques de Pombal, Parque Eduoardo VII

- Avenida Liberdad, Statue of 1st Marquis of Pombal

Estrela, that literally means "star", is a district in the West end of central Lisbon. It is a very hilly area with many sloping streets. The historical tram ride, that we joined, takes you through the narrow, hilly streets of Estrela. The center is the Basílica da Estrela, or the Royal Basilica and Convent of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus (Real Basílica e Convento do Santíssimo Coração de Jesus). The Estrela Basilica, consecrated 1789, was ordered by Queen Maria I of Portugal. It is a white neo-classical/late baroque building with a dome and twin bells, situated above the square Praca da Estrela, where many of the historical yellow trams stop. Opposite the church, on the other side of the square is a small, beautiful park, Jardim Guerra Junqueiro, or simply called Jardim da Estrela (the Star Park).

Assembly of the Republic, Portugal's parliament, is situated here. The building is called São Bento Palace. This imposing white neo-classicist building, sitauted on a hill overlooking the district, was constructed between 1598 and 1938. São Bento Mansion, the neo-classical residence of Portugal's prime minister, is situated with in the grounds of the palace.

Many of the historical yellow (and some red) trams pass through the Estrela district. Besides Alfama, they were the most memorable tram rides we did. The Lisbon tramway network has been operating since 1873, and many of the original trams are still in use.

Assembly of the Republic, São Bento PalaceAssembly of the Republic, São Bento Palace 01 Assembly of the Republic, São Bento Palace 02Assembly of the Republic, São Bento Palace 04 Basílica da Estrela 01 Basílica da Estrela 02 Basílica da Estrela 03 Basílica da Estrela 04 Basílica da Estrela 05 Basílica da Estrela 06 Basílica da Estrela 07 Basílica da Estrela 08 Basílica da Estrela 09 Basílica da Estrela 10 Basílica da Estrela 11 Jardim da Estrela 01 Jardim da Estrela 02 Jardim da Estrela 03 Jardim da Estrela 04 Jardim da Estrela 05 Jardim da Estrela 06 Jardim da Estrela 07 Jardim da Estrela 08 Jardim da Estrela 09 Praca da Estrela 01 Praca da Estrela 02 Praca da Estrela 03 Praca da Estrela 04 Tram ride Estrela 01 Tram ride Estrela 02 Tram ride Estrela 03 Tram ride Estrela 04 Tram ride Estrela 05 Tram ride Estrela 06 Tram ride Estrela 07 Tram ride Estrela 08 Tram ride Estrela 09 Tram ride Estrela 10 Tram ride Estrela 11 Tram ride Estrela 12 Tram ride Estrela 13 Tram ride Estrela 14 Tram ride Estrela 15 Tram ride Estrela 16 Tram ride Estrela 17 Tram ride Estrela 18 Tram ride Estrela 19 Tram ride Estrela 20 Tram ride Estrela 21 Tram ride Estrela 22 Tram ride Estrela 23 Tram ride Estrela 24