Parque das Nações (Park of the Nations) and Ponte Vasco da Gama

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Lisbon has two long, impressive bridges that spans over the Tagus River; Ponte de Vasco da Gama (North of central Lisbon, just North of Parque das Nacooes) is Europe’s 2nd longest bridge (after the Crimea bridge in Russia) and the longest bridge in Western Europe. It is(12.3km long, 155m high and was completed 1998, the same year as the world fair (the other bridge is the Ponte de 25 de Abril).

Parque das Nacões (Park of the Nations) is a very modern districtin the Northeast part of Lisbon, along the coast of Tagus River. This is where the 1998 World Fair (Expo ’98) took place, when most buildings were completed. Here you find cable-cars that ride along the Tagus river for a small amount, with virews over the whole area. Parque das Nacoes is the most modern part of Lisbon, and the closest you come to a modern highrise district, in a city with very few skyscrapers, the tallest buildings have just around 25 floors. A railway station, hotels, museums, sculptures, shopping malls, tall office buildings, apartment buildings, restaurant and pavilions from the world fair that have been constructed in sweeping futuristic styles.There are also several park, square, riverfront promenades and many palms.

More then 20 cableways (we took a ride for only 5 euro), Telecabine Lisboa, trafficates along the coast line of Parque das Nacoes, high above the Tagus River, with views of the area and the nearby Vasco da Gama Bridge. They were opened for the Expo ’98.
Torre Vasco da Gama, a futuristic skyscraper hotel with external glass elevators, a high atrium with chandeliers and a revolving rooftop restaurant, is situated in the park’s Northern end, facing the Vasco da Gama Bridge. It is Portugal’s tallest building at a height of 145m to the spire. Built in 1998 for the world fair the observation tower stood empty for years until the hotel was completed in 2012.

Gare do Oriente (Lisbon Oriente Station) is the futuristic railway station designed by Santiago Calatrava, inspired by gothic architecture. Opened in 1994, this huge station is white and grey and has sweeping lines. The outdoor platforms on the top floor has a famous white roof while the interior is more dark and grey. The station has glass elevators inside circular glass cylinders. Gare de Oriente, that is a hub for highspeed trains, also has a metro and a bus station. The atmosphere in the Oriente Station reminds of science ficton movies. Centro Vasco da Gama, is a modern shopping mall opposite the station, that connects it via skybridges and subterranean lattice. The futuristic, circular 24-storey twin towers, Torre São Rafael and Torre São Gabriel, built in 2000 and 2002, are situated on the sides of the mall, and are the 2nd tallest buildings in Portugal, 110m tall each.

The Portugese pavilion, Pavilion of Portugal, is left from the 1998 world fair, with its sweeping roof, hanging above the plaza. It was designed by the Portugese architect Alvaro Siza Vieira. It is currently used the University of Lisbon for exhibitions. Several highrise hotels have been built in the area, like Hotel Tivoli Orient and Tryp Oriente. Oceanário de Lisboa, one of Europe’s largest aquariums, is also situated in Parque das Nacoes, right next to the water. It was, as many of the other buildings in the area, opened for the Expo ’98 (World Fair). Designed by Peter Chermayeff and hosts over one million visitors a year, and 16 000 animals.

Three wide avenues goes though Parque das Nacoes; Avenida Dom João II, Alameda dos Oceanos and Rua do Bojador and the riverfront promenade Passeio das Tágides.

Altice Arena is a futuristic, curvy, mulit-purpose indoor arena, and a popular venue for world famous artists. It opened for the world fair in 1998 as Pavilion of Utopia, designed by Regino Cruz. It is Portugal's largest indoor arena and one of the largest in Europe, with a capacity of 20 000 people.

Feira Internacional de Lisboa (Lisbon International Fair) is a huge white modern building complex that houses the largest fairs and exhibitions in Portugal. The fair was moved here in 1999.

Casino Lisboa is a very large casino in a black glass box building that was the Pavilion of the Future during the world fair. The casino opened in 2006 and has the same owners as the Casino Lisboa in Macau. About 7000 people visit every day and it has around 700 slot machines, 22 gaming tables, 4 bars, 3 restaurants and a theater seating 600.

Vodafone's HQ is an interesting modern building, built in 2002, that plays with shapes to create water, glass cubes, roof gardens and skybridges. Microsoft and IBM also have headquarters here, in more conventional modern buildings.

Teatro Camoes is a blue modern building that is near the Southern entrance, called Jardins de Agua (Water Gardens) where you find waterfalls (one you can go inside), parks, ponds, palms and sculptures. Jardins das Ondas (Garden of the Waves) is another park, next to the water, it has a small hill with great views. The national agency for science and technology, Ciência Viva, and its Pavilhão do Conhecimentois with its globes and fountains is situated near the gardens.

Torre Galp is a former oil tower that is now a monument in the southern end of the district.



Gare do Oriente 01 Gare do Oriente 02 Gare do Oriente 03 Gare do Oriente 04 Gare do Oriente 05 Gare do Oriente 06 Gare do Oriente 07 Gare do Oriente 08 Gare do Oriente 09 Gare do Oriente 10 Gare do Oriente 11 Gare do Oriente 12 Gare do Oriente 13 Gare do Oriente 14 Gare do Oriente 15 Gare do Oriente 16 Gare do Oriente 17 Gare do Oriente 18 Gare do Oriente 19 Gare do Oriente 20 Gare do Oriente 21 Gare do Oriente 22 Gare do Oriente 23 Gare do Oriente 24 Gare do Oriente 25 Gare do Oriente 26



Centro Vasco da Gama 01 Centro Vasco da Gama 02 Centro Vasco da Gama 03 Tivoli Oriente Hotel 01 Tivoli Oriente Hotel 02



Torre Vasco da Gama, Hotel Myriad 01 Torre Vasco da Gama, Hotel Myriad 02 Torre Vasco da Gama, Hotel Myriad 03 Torre Vasco da Gama, Hotel Myriad 04 Torre Vasco da Gama, Hotel Myriad 05 Torre Vasco da Gama, Hotel Myriad 06 Torre Vasco da Gama, Hotel Myriad 07 Torre Vasco da Gama, Hotel Myriad 08 Torre Vasco da Gama, Hotel Myriad 09 Torre Vasco da Gama, Hotel Myriad 10 Torre Vasco da Gama, Hotel Myriad 11 Torre Vasco da Gama, Hotel Myriad 12 Torre Vasco da Gama, Hotel Myriad 13




Torres São Rafael and São Gabriel 01 Torres São Rafael and São Gabriel 02 Torres São Rafael and São Gabriel 03 Torres São Rafael and São Gabriel 04 Torres São Rafael and São Gabriel 05 Torres São Rafael and São Gabriel, Vodafone HQ


PARQUE DAS NACOES, various structures, parks and streets:

Torre Galp 01 Torre Galp 02 Torre Galp 03 Parque das Nações 01 Parque das Nações 02 Parque das Nações 03 Parque das Nações 04 Parque das Nações 05 Parque das Nações 06 Parque das Nações 07 Parque das Nações 08 Parque das Nações 09 Parque das Nações 10 Parque das Nações 11 Parque das Nações 12 Parque das Nações 13 Parque das Nações 14 Parque das Nações 15 Parque das Nações 16 Teatro Camoes Parque das Nações 17 Parque das Nações 18 Parque das Nações 19 Parque das Nações 20 Parque das Nações 21 Microsoft 01 Microsoft 02 Oceanário de Lisboa 01 Oceanário de Lisboa 02 Oceanário de Lisboa 03 Parque das Nações 22 Parque das Nações 23 Parque das Nações 24 Parque das Nações 25 Parque das Nações 27 Parque das Nações 28 Parque das Nações 29 Parque das Nações 30 Parque das Nações 31 Parque das Nações 32 Parque das Nações 33 Parque das Nações 34 Parque das Nações 35 Parque das Nações 36 Parque das Nações 37 Parque das Nações 38 Parque das Nações 39 Parque das Nações 40 Parque das Nações 41 Parque das Nações 43 Parque das Nações 44 Parque das Nações 45 Parque das Nações 46 Parque das Nações 47 Parque das Nações 48 Parque das Nações 49 Parque das Nações 50 Portugal Pavilion 01 Portugal Pavilion 02 Portugal Pavilion 03 Portugal Pavilion 04 Portugal Pavilion 05 Portugal Pavilion 06 Portugal Pavilion 07 Portugal Pavilion 08 Portugal Pavilion 09 Portugal Pavilion 10 Portugal Pavilion 11 Portugal Pavilion 12 Holmes Place Altice Arena 01 Altice Arena 02 Altice Arena 03 Altice Arena 04 Altice Arena 05 Altice Arena 06 Altice Arena 07 Altice Arena 08 Casino Lisboa 01 Casino Lisboa 02 Feira Internacional 01 Feira Internacional 02 Feira Internacional 03 Feira Internacional 04 Feira Internacional 05 Vodafone HQ 01 Vodafone HQ 02 Vodafone HQ 03 Vodafone HQ 04 Vodafone HQ 05 Vodafone HQ 06 Vodafone HQ 07 Vodafone HQ 08 Vodafone HQ 09 Vodafone HQ 10

Avenida Dom João II 01 Avenida Dom João II 02 Avenida Dom João II 03 Avenida Dom João II 04 Avenida Dom João II 05 Avenida Dom João II 06 Avenida Dom João II 07 Avenida Dom João II 08 Avenida Dom João II 09 Tryp Oriente Hotel Tivoli Oriente Hotel 03 Avenida Dom João II 11 Avenida Dom João II 12 Avenida Dom João II 13 Avenida Dom João II 14 Avenida Dom João II 15 Passeio das Tágidos 01 Passeio das Tágidos 02 Passeio das Tágidos 03 Passeio das Tágidos 04 Passeio das Tágidos 05 Passeio das Tágidos 06 Pavilhão do Conhecimento, Ciência Viva Pavilhão do Conhecimento, Ciência Viva Pavilhão do Conhecimento, Ciência Viva Pavilhão do Conhecimento, Ciência Viva Pavilhão do Conhecimento, Ciência Viva Pavilhão do Conhecimento, Ciência Viva


TELECABINE LISBOA cable car above Parque das Nacoes and the Tagus River, including skyline of Park of the Nations:

Views from the Telecabine cable car 01 Views from the Telecabine cable car 02 Views from the Telecabine cable car 03 Views from the Telecabine cable car 04 Torres São Rafael and São Gabriel Views from the Telecabine cable car 06 Views from the Telecabine cable car 07 Views from the Telecabine cable car 08 Views from the Telecabine cable car 09 Altice Arena Lisbon Pavilion, skyline
Views from the Telecabine cable car 12 Views from the Telecabine cable car 13 Feira Internacional Views from the Telecabine cable car 15 Views from the Telecabine cable car 16 Views from the Telecabine cable car 17 Views from the Telecabine cable car 18 Views from the Telecabine cable car 19 Views from the Telecabine cable car 20 Torre Vasco da Gama, Ponte Vasco da Gama


Ponte Vasco da Gama Ponte Vasco da Gama 01 Ponte Vasco da Gama 02 Ponte Vasco da Gama 03

Inflight Lisbon 03Inflight Lisbon 01