Lisbon by night

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At night many of the old churches, monuments and other buildings are illuminated by night. So are the two long bridges, Ponte Vasco da Gama and Ponte 25 de Abril. Sao Jorge Castle is overlooking the city, illuminated at night. The old districts Alfama and Bairro Alto, and the city center around Praca Comercio are popular places to dwell at night. But as soon as you leave the immediate city center, in Estrela for example that is more residential in its character is completely abandoned in the evenings. In Alfama, there is a viewpoint at Santa Luzia, where you can see all the city lights. It is also nice as, like we did, take the historical tram along the hills of Alfama after dark.

At the top of the Christ Statue (Cristo Rei), next to the 25th of April Bridge in Almada on the other side of River Tajo, you have amazing view of the whole city. The statue itself with its pedestal is illuminated. It was consecrated in 1959, and was inspired by the more famous one in Rio de Janeiro. In Parque de las Nacoes, the tallest highrises, like Torre Vasco da Gama and Torres São Vicente/Gabriel, are illuminated at night. The riverfront in the Western district of Belém is beautiful after dark, and the Monument of the Discoveries and Torre de Belém are illuminated after dark.

Lisbon has a vibrant nightclubs with lots of live venues, clubs and pubs. It is popular to listen to traditional fado music in special clubs and restaurants. For example Altice Arena, Belém Cultural Center and the club MusicBox and some of the stadiumas are popular live venues for rock concerts.


Alfama 08 Alfama 09 Alfama by night  01 - Santa Luzia church Alfama by night  02 - Santa Luzia Alfama by night  03 Alfama by night  04 Alfama by night  05 Alfama by night  06 Alfama by night  07 -  Igreja de Santo Estevao Alfama by night  08 - Panteao Nacional Alfama by night  09 - Igreja de São Vicente de Fora Alfama by night  10 Alfama by night  11 Alfama by night  12 Alfama by night  13 Alfama by night  14 Alfama by night  15 Alfama by night  16 - Mein Schiff 2 Alfama by night  17- Mein Schiff 2 Alfama by night  18 Alfama by night  19 Alfama by night  20 Alfama by night  21 Alfama by night  24 Alfama by night  25 - Igreja de São Vicente de Fora Sé, Lisbon Cathedral, Alfama Sé, Lisbon Cathedral, Alfama Alfama tram ride 01 Alfama tram ride 02 Alfama tram ride 03 Alfama tram ride 04 Alfama tram ride 05 Alfama tram ride 06 Alfama tram ride 07 Alfama tram ride 08 Alfama tram ride 09 Alfama tram ride 10 Alfama - Praça do Martim Moniz 2 Alfama - Praça do Martim Moniz


São Jorge Castle 01 São Jorge Castle 02 São Jorge Castle 03 São Jorge Castle 04 São Jorge Castle 05 São Jorge Castle 06 São Jorge Castle 07 São Jorge Castle 08 São Jorge Castle 09 São Jorge Castle 10


Estrela by night 03 Estrela by night 01 Estrela by night 02 Avenida Liberdade 44 Avenida Liberdade 27 Avenida Liberdade 36 Funicular Lavra 04 Rossio Station Praca dos Restauradores 05 Praca dos Restauradores 06 Praca dos Restauradores 07 - Hard Rock Café Praca dos Restauradores 08 Praca dos Restauradores 09 - Hotel Avenida Palace Praca dos Restauradores 10 Praca dos Restauradores 11 - Eden Hotel Praca dos Restauradores 12  - Rossio Station Praca dos Restauradores 13 - Avenida Palace Praca dos Restauradores 14 Rossio Square (Praca Dom Pedro IV) 01 Rossio Square (Praca Dom Pedro IV) 02 Rossio Square (Praca Dom Pedro IV) 03 - National Theater Rossio Square (Praca Dom Pedro IV) 04 Rossio Square (Praca Dom Pedro IV) 05 - National Theater Jardim Dom Luis Mercado Ribeira EDP Bldg at night 01 EDP Bldg at night 02 EDP Bldg at night 03 EDP Bldg at night 04 EDP Bldg at night 05 EDP Bldg at night 06

BELÉM and the 25th of April Bridge:

25th April Bridge  from Belem 25th April Bridge 26 25th April Bridge 27 25th April Bridge 28 25th April Bridge 29 25th of April Bridge and Christ Statue Belém 16 Belém 18 Belém 19 Belém 20 Belém 22 Belém 23 MAAT museum, Belém 01 MAAT museum, Belém 02 MAAT museum, Belém 03 MAAT museum, Belém 04

MADRAGOA and Madragoa Apartments:

Madragoa by night  01 Madragoa by night  02 Madragoa by night  03 Madragoa McDonalds Madragoa 04 Madragoa 05 Madragoa Apartments 08 Madragoa Apartments 03 Madragoa Apartments 05 Madragoa Apartments 06 Madragoa Apartments 07


Holiday Inn Continental, the 2nd hotel where we stayed, is a 4-star postmodern highrise building, situated in the modern Avenidas Novas district, with elegant avenues and imposing new and old buildings. The hotel has 15 floors and a curved glass facade. The hotel was modern with nice views from the room, and the staff was eager to help. The double room was large, had marble bathroom and decorated in yellow and earth colours. The breakfast was fantastic. The lobby is modern but somewhat impersonal, with grey and brown colours, except for the erotic statues that are placed here end there. The hotel is is adjancent to the 15-storey postmodern 1989 guitar shaped highrise building Antiga sede do BNU.

Holiday Inn Continental at nightHoliday Inn Continental 17 Holiday Inn Continental 18 Holiday Inn Continental 06 Holiday Inn Continental 15Holiday Inn Continental lobby Holiday Inn Continental 20Holiday Inn Continental 16

Postmodern bank building, Avenidas NovasPortugese restaurant, Avenidas Novas Views from Holiday Inn Continental 11 Views from Holiday Inn Continental 12 Views from Holiday Inn Continental 21