Lisbon Metro (Metropolitano de Lisboa), trams, trains, cablecar and subway

- Rossio Station, Oriente Station, Alcantara Station, Santa Apolonia Station, Cais do Sodré Station, Santos Station, Portela Airport, Belém station, Telecabine Lisbon, Funicular Lavra

Lisbon is famous for its many historical yellow trams. The most hilly and memorable rides go through Alfama and Estrela. . The Lisbon tramway network has been operating since 1873, and many of the original trams are still in use. The tourist trams are red instead of yellow. There are also funicular trams, like Funicular Lavra, yellow trams that goes upwards through the hills. The trams are the most popular symbol of Lisbon and can be seen everywhere; not only on the streets but also as souvenirs; as miniatures, cups, even on T-shirts! Lisbon has, besides historical trams and buses, even modern trams, and a subway (metro).

The subway, inaugurated in 1959 (and renovated and extended for the 1998 World Fair), has 4 lines and connects the airport with the city center, but has few stations in the historical heart. The Lisbon metro (Metropolitano de Lisboa) is the largest and oldest subway system in Portugal. Many of the stations features art, often a bit 70ish. Lisbon also have lots of taxis (painted in black and green), and tuk tuks, a popular sort of 3-wheeld taxi that is otherwise mostly popular in developing countries lika India, African countries and Central America. Some of the tuk tuks are modern versions with seatbelt and modern looks.

Rossio Station (Estação de Caminhos de Ferro do Rossio) is the main station of Lisbon, it opened in 1891. The beautiful main exterior (during our visit unfortunately large parts were covered by scaffoldings) is facing a small square at the edge of Rossio Square. The station building with its Neo-Manueline (Portugese Late Gothic) was designed by José Luís Monteiro. This is where you take the train to Sintra, like we did, a town where you find many imposing palaces in the same style as this station. The upper part of the station building borders to Barrio Alto, while the lower part Pombaline Baixa.

Gare do Oriente (Lisbon Oriente Station) is the futuristic railway station designed by Santiago Calatrava, inspired by gothic architecture. Opened in 1994, its is white and grey and has sweeping lines. The outdoor platforms on the top floor has a famous white roof. Gare de Oriente also has a metro and a bus station. Lisbon also has many other railway stations, like Santa Apolonia, Alcantara Terra and Cais do Sodré.



Lisbon Metro 01 - Portela Airport Lisbon Metro 02 - Portela Airport Lisbon Metro 03 - Portela Airport Lisbon Metro 04 Lisbon Metro 05 Lisbon Metro 06 Lisbon Metro 07 Lisbon Metro 08 Lisbon Metro 10 Lisbon Metro 11 Lisbon Metro 12 Lisbon Metro 13 Lisbon Portela Airport


Rossio Station 01 Rossio Station 02 Rossio Station 03 Rossio Station 04 Rossio Station 05 Rossio Station 06 Rossio Station 07 Rossio Station 08 Rossio Station 09 Rossio Station 10 Rossio Station 11 Rossio Station 12 Oriente Station 05 Oriente Station 06 Rossio Station 13 Rossio Station 14 Oriente Station 07 Oriente Station 08 Rossio Station 15 Rossio Station 16 Oriente Station 09 Oriente Station 10 Rossio Station 17 Oriente Station 11 Rossio Station 18 Rossio Station 19 Oriente Station 12 Oriente Station 13 Rossio Station 20 Oriente Station 01 Oriente Station 14 Oriente Station 15 Oriente Station 02 Oriente Station 03 Oriente Station 16 Oriente Station 17 Oriente Station 04 Oriente Station 18 Oriente Station 19 Oriente Station 20 Oriente Station 21 Oriente Station 22 Oriente Station 23 Oriente Station 24 Oriente Station 25 Oriente Station 26 Oriente Station 27 Oriente Station 28 Oriente Station 29 Alcantara Mar station Alcantara Terra station 2 Alcantara Terra station Alfama - Santa Apolonio Station 2 Alfama - Santa Apolonio Station Belém Station 01 Belém Station 02 Belém Station 03 Belém Station 04 Cais do Sodré station Cais do Sodré station Cais do Sodré station Santos Station 01 Santos Station 02 Santos Station 03 Entrecampos Station 02 Entrecampos Station 01


Lisbon tram Modern tram, Av 24 Julho Praça da Figueira 03 Praça do Comércio 14 Praça do Comércio 17 Praça do Comércio 20 Train to Sintra - Agualva-Cacém 03 Train to Sintra 01 - Campolide Tram ride Estrela 02 Tram ride Estrela 15 Tram ride Estrela 16 Tram ride Estrela 17 Tram ride Estrela 18 Tram ride Estrela 22 Tram ride Estrela 24 Alfama 03

Funicular and aqueduct:

Funicular Lavra 01 Funicular Lavra 02 Funicular Lavra 03 Aqueduto das Águas Livres 02


Views from the Telecabine cable car 01 Views from the Telecabine cable car 02 Views from the Telecabine cable car 03 Views from the Telecabine cable car 06 Views from the Telecabine cable car 07 Views from the Telecabine cable car 12 Views from the Telecabine cable car 15 Views from the Telecabine cable car 21