Metelkova, Center North

- Avtonomni kulturni center, Metelkova mesto, AKC, Train Station, Central Station, Miklosiceva street, Miklosiceva park, Situla, R5, Vurnik House

Metelkova, or just AKC is an autonomous social and culture center (since 1995) in the North part of central Ljubljana. It could best be compared to Christiania in Copenhagen. Metelkova was the military headquarters in the Austrian-Hungary Empire, later the Slovenian HQ of the Yugoslav National Army. The buildings, former military barracks, are situated on an area of 12,500 m². Metelkova has been squatted since 1993 and is a small neighbourhood of bohemian life, with lots of punks and hippies hanging around. At the facades of the buildings there are beautiful graffiti and murals everywhere, as well as advanced sculptures, anarchist inscriptions and alternative art. Artist studios, offices and night clubs can be found here. Tourists occasionally wander around, but the inhabitants don’t seem very happy with people walking around and filming. We had a small meeting with one of their dogs. The people were fairly friendly but you have to pay respect and keep you eyes open. Drugs are common in the area. During our visit in Metelkova, a local Slovenian metal band, Razvalina, was rehearsing for a gig, on the roof of one of the main buildings. The band had a nice atmospheric sound. 40% of Ljubljana’s music concerts are in Metelkova.

The Ljubljana Train Station is very small and is situated to the North of the river. It was completed in 1848. The small square in front of the railway statoin is called Liberation Front Square (Trg Osvobodilne fronte). Just as in Croatia, there are not many train routes in Slovenia, compared to the large number of bus routes. There are also many guided day tours to beautiful settings from Ljubljana, for example to Postojna and Predjama –that we travelled to with a guide, or Bled. The Central Bus Station is just next to the Train Station. There are plans to construct a new train and bus station, with new office towers, it is called the Emonika project. Masarykova cesta is the major road that divides the North part from the tracks, ending to West where Slovenska cesta begins. To the South is the Old Town. In the North part of central Ljubljana are the modern Situla 21-storey highrise from 2013 (that is Slovenia's 4th tallest building) and lowrise with its brown strange design, and R5, a midrise residential building with sloped roof. Miklosiceva cesta is a street that begins at the Franciscan Church and here you find beautiful art nouveau buildings that house the Coop bank, the pinkish Vurnik House with paintings around every window is especially significant. Mikosiceva street ends at Miklosiceva park, where you find the District Court, an imposing white neo-classical building.



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