Old Town Ljubljana

- Ljubljanica River, Dragon Bridge, Triple Bridge, Butcher's Bridge, Saint Nicholas Cathedral, Franciscan Church, Preseren Square, Cyril and Methodius Square, Gornji Square, Ljubljana Town Hall, Stari trg, Mestni trg, Central Market, Galerija Emporium

In the Old Town is the Cathedral, the Town Hall, Franciscan Church and the University, all very beautiful buildings. Along Ljubljanica River you find historical buildings and all along the central part of the river there are outdoor seatings with views of the river.

In the Old Town, that is located to the South and East of the Ljubljanica River (and partly along the West and North riverbank), you also find the many beautiful bridges that goes over the Ljubljanica River; Dragon Bridge (Zmajski Most)  – the symbol of the city is a dragon and on the bridge there are a lot of dragon sculptures. It was completed in 1901 in Vienna Secesson style, Slovenia had just became part of the Austria-Hungarian Empire. Today it is for motorized traffic, but you can also walk across it. Triple Bridge (Tromostovje) are three concrete bridges right next to each other, above the river. The area around it is a pedestrian zone and the bridges are pedestrianized.
Next to the Triple Bridge is Prešeren Square (Prešernov trg), a central square on the medieval town’s entrance, that was renovated in 2007. Here you find the Prešeren Monument, a monument to the national poet France Prešeren (that also named the square), the Galerija Emporium department store with a statue on top and a classic interior, and the Central Pharmacy and the Franciscan Church of the Annunciation (Frančiškanska cerkev), a red and white baroque church built 1646-1660 (bell towers built later). The church is one of the symbols of the city. On the opposite, South side of the river, is another landmark church of Ljubljana, the cathedral.

Ljubljana Cathedral
, also named Saint Nicholas's Church (cerkev sv. Nikolaja) is a baroque catholic church that replaced the original gothic one in the early 1700s. It is yellow, white and have significant green domes. This church was opened during our visit, so that we could go inside and see the very beautiful interior with all the paintings (there is a small entrance fee). Statues and baroque frescoes can be found in the building.  Pogacar Square is situated in front of the church. On the other side is Cyril and Methodius Square (Ciril-Metodov trg) that is more a pedestrian street then a square. Here you find historical, beautiful buildings, special stores and restaurants with outdoor seatings. Ljubljana Central Market (Osrednja ljubljanska tržnica) is situated along the riverside, a market building designed by Jože Plečnik and built 1940-42. In 2010 the Butcher’s Bridge was built next to it in 2010, fullfilling the architect’s dreams. Part of the bridge has glass floors, so you can look down on the boats and the river. Along the sides of the bridge there were numerous love padlocks. There is a bizzare but very cool Satyr sculpture on Butcher's Bridge, and also a Prometheus sculpture. Everywhere in the Old Town there are grotesque Lovecraft inspired half human sculpture, a dark but lovley contrast to all the light baroque buildings! Another sculpture is one of Adam and Eve, expelled from paradise.

The Ljubljana Town Hall (Ljubljanska mestna hiša)is nearby. It was originally built in gothic style in 1484, but was renovated to a more baroque style in 1719. Town Square (Mestni trg), one of the city’s major squares, is facing the town hall, and the pedestrian street/square Ciril-Metodov trg goes in the other directon. Here you find the baroque replica of the Robba Fountain (the original is in the National Gallery). The ground is cobblestone.
Gornji Trg (Upper Square) is actually a street where just part of it is a square, that as many other pedestrian streets are called “square” for some reason. Along Gornji Trg you find historical buildings and open-air restaurants, it is a cobbed stone street and very charming. This area really comes alive after dark. The tallest church in Slovenia is the 69m tall St Joseph’s Church (Cerkev sv. Jozefa) from 1922, in the Southeast edge of the Old Town. Between Gornji Trg, Levstikov trg and Rozna ulica you find the 2nd tallest church, the 65m tall St. James's Parish Church (┼żupnijska cerkev sv. Jakoba). Karlovska cesta is a busy road with buildings passing over like a bridge.

Right above Ljubljana’s Old Town is the Ljubljana Castle (Ljubljanski grad), that stands on a high hill, and is one of the city’s major landmarks, it is featured in a separate part.


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Butcher's Bridge Old Town 062 - Dragon Bridge Old Town 075 - Krekov trg Old Town 076 Old Town 077 Old Town 078 - Franciscan Church Old Town 079 - Preseren Square Old Town 080 - Galerija Emporium, Central Pharmacy, Preseren Square Old Town 081 - Franciscan Church, Galerija Emporium Old Town 082 Old Town 083- Stritarjeva ulica Old Town 084 Old Town 085 Old Town 101 - Restaurant Sokol Old Town 102 - Ciril-Metodov trg Old Town 103 - Restaurant Sokol Old Town 104 - Restaurant Sokol Ribja brv footbridge 4K 01 Ribja brv footbridge 4K 02 Ribja brv footbridge 4K 03 Ribja brv footbridge 4K 04 Ljubljanica River 01 Ljubljanica River 02 Ljubljanica River 03 Ljubljanica River 04 Ljubljanica River 05 Ljubljanica River 06 Butcher's Bridge 01 - Prometheus Butcher's Bridge 02 Butcher's Bridge 03 Butcher's Bridge 04 Butcher's Bridge 05 Butcher's Bridge 06 Butcher's Bridge 07 - Satyr Butcher's Bridge 08 Butcher's Bridge 09 Butcher's Bridge 10 - Prometheus Ljublana_Dragonbridge_4K Ljublana_Dragonbridge_4K_2 Ljublana_Dragonbridge_4K_3 Ljublana_Dragonbridge_4K_4 Ljublana_Dragonbridge_4K_5 Ljublana_Dragonbridge_4K_6 Ljublana_Dragonbridge_4K_7 Ljublana_skyline_4K_3 Ljublana_Skyscraper_4K_1 Ljublana_Skyscraper_4K_2 Ljublana_Skyscraper_4K_3' Ljublana_Sokol_4K Ljublana_Tivolipark_4K Ljublana_Triplebridge_4K_1 Ljublana_Triplebridge_4K_2 Ljublana_Triplebridge_4K_3 Ljublana_Triplebridge_4K_4 Ljublana_Triplebridge_4K_5 Ljublana_Triplebridge_4K_6 Ljublana_Triplebridge_4K_7 Ljublana_Triplebridge_4K_8 Ljublana_Triplebridge_4K_9 Ljublana_Triplebridge_4K_10 Ljublana_Triplebridge_4K_11 Ljubljana by night 038 - Stritarjeva ulica, Castle Ljubljana by night 038 - Stritarjeve St, Castle Ljubljana by night 039 Ljubljana by night 040 - Town Hall Ljubljana by night 041 - Mestni trg, Town Hall Square Ljubljana by night 042 - Mestni trg, Town Hall Square Ljubljana by night 043 - Town Hall Ljubljana by night 044 - Ciril-Metodov trg Ljubljana by night 046 - Runners along Ciril-Metodov trg Ljubljana by night 047 Ljubljana by night 048 - St Nicholas Cathedral Ljubljana by night 053 - Ciril-Metodov trg Ljubljana by night 054 - Stari trg, Old square Ljubljana by night 058- Stari trg, Old square Ljubljana by night 060 - Gornji trg Ljubljana by night 062 - Gornji trg Ljubljana by night 066 - Gornji trg Ljubljana by night 071 - St James Church Ljubljana by night 072 - St James Church Ljubljana by night 073 - St James Church