The outskirts of Ljubljana

- Crystal Palace, BTC City, WTC, St Joseph's Church, Dunajska cesta, North Ljubljana, South Ljubljana

There are even more highrise clusters in the outskirts, for example the country’s tallest building, the 21-storey glass scraper Crystal Palace (Kristalna palača) from 2011, is situated in the Northeast outskirts. Situla, just North of central Ljubljana, is another modernist highrise project, a strange brown 21-storey building from 2013. Radisson Blue Plaza Hotel is a modern black glass highrise with black diagonal lines, built in 2012 in the Northern outskirts.

When we entered the city from the North, we passed along the major road Dunajska cesta (Danube road) where you find tall office buildigns like WTC Ljubljana (World Trade Center), that consist of a 18-storey glass tower from 1993 and a circular building, Rotunda. When approaching the city center (West part), the road changes name to Slovenska cesta (Slovenian Road), and here you find two of the tallest buildings in Slovenia. . The tallest church in Slovenia is the 69m tall St Joseph’s Church (Cerkev sv. Jozefa) from 1922, in the Southeast edge of the Old Town.

In the Northern outskirts you find many large and modern shopping malls, as well as IKEA and Bauhaus stores. BTC City is a business, shopping and entertainment center and has more then 450 stores and 70 restaurants, here you also find Slovenia’s tallest building, Crystal Palace (Kristalna palača). Citypark has 120 stores and is Slovenia’s largest shopping mall. Supernova is a mall with more then 70 shops in the Southern outskirts. The Northern residential areas are mostly modernist lowrises and highrises, while in the South part, there are mostly lowrise villas and private residences.

The highest mountain surrounding the city is Mount St Mary (Šmarna gora) is 676m.

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is situated 24km Northwest of Ljubljana and opened in 1963. Since we flew via Zagreb we never visited the airport.


Ljubljana outskirts 01 - Appraoching from highway Ljubljana outskirts 02 Ljubljana outskirts 03 Ljubljana outskirts 04 Ljubljana outskirts 05 Ljubljana outskirts 06 Ljubljana outskirts 07 Ljubljana outskirts 08  - Appraoching from highway WTC - World Trade Center Dunajska cesta (Danube Road) 02 - Rotonda Dunajska cesta (Danube Road) 03 Dunajska cesta (Danube Road) 04 - Kompas bldg Dunajska cesta (Danube Road) 05 - Approaching the center Dunajska cesta (Danube Road) 06 Dunajska cesta (Danube Road) 07 - Approaching city center Dunajska cesta (Danube Road) 08 - Delo Bldg At the bus station, Delo bldg Ljubljana skyline 01 - R5 Ljubljana skyline 02 - BTC City Ljubljana skyline 03 - Crystal Palace, BTC City Ljubljana skyline 04 Ljubljana skyline 05 - Radisson Blu Plaza Ljubljana skyline 06 Ljubljana skyline 07 Ljubljana skyline 08 Ljubljana skyline 09 - St Joseph's Church Ljubljana skyline 10 - St Joseph's Church Ljubljana skyline 11 Mount St Mary from Ljubljana Castle Mount St Mary from Neboti─Źnik Skyscraper Metelkova