West Central London

This page is about the west part of central London that is located north of River Thames. There are many sights like Houses of Parliament/Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, SoHo, Chinatown and Buckingham Palace.

The famous Big Ben at the Houses of Parliament from a cool angle.

Westminster Abbey at dusk. The city´s most famous cathedral, built between 1250-1902.

Piccadilly Circus. This meeting point of London was the first place when arriving from the Underground I saw but it was sunny then.

Trafalgar Square. The famous Lord Nelson statue (56m) from 1830 and a fountain are seen in the foreground and Big Ben in the background. We passed the square several times, so it felt more like the meeting point of London than Piccadilly..

Trafalgar Square. The same place at dark.

A typical London cab at Trafalgar Square.

National Gallery of Art at Trafalgar Square at dusk. Despite that this museum is may be UK:s premier art museum, the entrance is free. You can pay if you want to(I didn´t). Inside there are many famous and beautiful pieces of art made by legendaric artists.

Trafalgar Square with Lord Nelson statue to the left and National Gallery of Art to the right.

The arches that are the entrance to the way leading to Buckingham Palace.

Contrasts: A homeless man outside the queen´s palace.

Buckingham Palace in the distance. This road takes a long time to walk.

St James Park. An average large park next to Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park.

Covent Garden, a popular area for shopping.

Regent Street. This famous street was the first London street I walked on after arriving at the Piccadilly Circus station.

Regent´s Park. This photo of London´s 2nd most famous park was taken from Royal Albert Hall.

A street in central London seen from a dubbeldecker bus.

Soho. This district I found was central London´s absolutely best. Interesting and rare stores at day and big night life and many Vegas style neon lights at dark. This pic unfortunately doesn´t show much of the great atmosphere in reality.

Chinatown London only consists of a few streets and is close to Soho.

Chinatown with the British Telecom Tower, one of London´s tallest structures(191m) in the background.

A typical British phone box.

A pic from Madame Tussaud´s Rock Circus of Sex Pistols´ front man Johnny Rotten!

South Kensington. Pretty nice area.

Other London pics:

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