Casa de Campo

I accidentally took the wrong metro train and ended up in the southwest end of Casa de Campo in the southern outskirts of Madrid. This is a large park, partly looking like a forest with a lot of pine trees. It contains a popular amusement park and is surrounded by dull highrises and commie blocks. From some hilly parts there are views over Madrid. Casa de Campo is Madrid's largest green area and Felip II:s hunting ground. It was opened to public in 1931.

The amusement park of Casa de Campo, seen from Parque del Oueste. It is called Parque de Atracciones. There is a zoo, restaurants, picnic places and this high
fountain that can be seen from afar.

View towards the North from Casa de Campo, from the left: Cuatro Torres, Puerta de Europa, AZCA with Torre Picasso and a ride tower at the tivoli.

The AZCA district and the ride.

The commie blocks of Casa de Campo's south part.

The narrow road going through Casa de Campo.

I walked around a bit among the pines. This was the closest I came to the nature during my Madrid/Toledo visit.

Some of Sierra de Guadarrama's snow covered mountains seen from Casa de Campo.