Malmö - The parks and their buildings

This part is about Malmö´s many and beautiful parks and the buildings in their vicinity. In Malmö there are three large parks: Kungsparken/Slottsparken (King Park and Castle Park, bordering each other) and Pildammsparken. Kungsparken is may be Malmö´s nicest place to be summertime. Pildammsparken is the largest park in Malmö and has many monuments, flowers and a lake with cascading fountains. Malmö has been called "the city of parks" because there are many parks in the city and the largest ones are close to the city center. However, there are not so much greenery in the city and along the streets.



Pildammsparken, Malmö's largest park, is also very beautiful. It has many monuments, lakes, beautiful flowers and fountains.
It was constructed for the Baltic exhibition in 1914, that showed the latest of design and technology and attracted over 1 million visitors.
A beautiful tower was torn down after the exhibition
. It is located between the city center and the southern outskirts. Many of the photos
were taken during Autumn 2009.

From the other side of Pildammsparken you can see the skyline of Sweden´s tallest residental skyscrapers: Turning Torso(190m, here still under construction) and Kronprinsen (83m).

Panorama of The lake with Kronprinsen, Turning Torso and Pildammstornet.

Pildammstornet, a former water tower, is home to many art exhibitions.

The tall Hilton hotel is mirroring in the lake of Pildammsparken.

Towards the new university building belonging to Malmö Högskola in marble and building belonging to the hospital.

Autumn in Pildammsparken.

Queen Silvia's garden.

A pound in Pildammsparken with a wellknown female statue.

View from the old water tower.

The cubes at the pound that get light in different colours after dark.

The highrises of Borgmästargården and Annebergsgården have 17 floors each and are highly visible through the large fountain in Pildammsparken.

The old water tower can be seen in the distance from the symmetric "tree boulevard".

Tallriken, "the plate". A huge circular place with high perfectly cut trees surrounding it, popular for picnics and events. A light show is taking place during midsummer.

Margaretapaviljongen. The pavilion is a memory of the Baltic exhibition and is named after the crown princess Margareta who helped the famous architect Ferdinand Boberg
with the exhibition.

Baltiska vägen.

The west entrance to Pildammsparken.

A remaining monument from the great Baltic exhibition in 1914.

Sunset over the skyscrapers and the park.

Malmö´s university´s latest building at the university hospital MAS.

The old water tower can also be seen here to the right.

In the summer nights there is a beautiful light show in the fountain cascades each 15 minutes or so, accompanied by classic music!

Malmö Opera and Music Theater is situated right next to Pildammsparken. Note the sculpture with fireflames in front of it. "Black Silk" is an opera based on Nighwish's music.



This is were Kungsparken borders Slottsparken. The Casino Cosmopole is the yellow building to the right. Photo from october 2009.

The same view wintertime with TT in the background.

The same view in summertime.

Malmö stadsbibliotek, Malmö´s municial library, located in Slottsparken. In the 90s the old section was completely refurbished and they added two new large sections. The new large extension has a facade in glass, from wich the park is visible. The new part was drawn by the famous Danish architect Henning Larsen and was inaugurated in May 1997.

The entrance, "Cylindern" (the cylinder) where the old part, "Slottet" (the castle) reflects in the new middle section.

"Ljusets kalender" (Calendar of light), the largest part of the library (the big glass section). The floors to the left are reminding of bookcases.

The same view on a cold winter day.

View from the library towards Kungsparken with Turning Torso and the casino in the background. To the right is the column that stands in front of the old section.

Malmöhus Slott from1520 serves is Scandinavia's oldest preserved renaissance castle and hosts the city´s premier museum, Malmö muséer. Only a moat separates Malmö´s historical castle from the park and a street trafficated by the museum´s own historic tram.

Casino Cosmopole, Sweden´s first casino, is situated in a beautifully renovated old building in Kungsparken.

The fountain behind Casino Cosmopole.

"Diana - the protector of animals" by Ernst Billgren is the newest sculpture in Slottsparken and also the nicest with its 15 bronze deers surrounding Diana in the shape
of an animal.

Carl Milles statue "Pegasus" in Kungsparken.

Carl Milles statue "Pegasus" seen from the other side with Kronprinsen, Malmö's second tallest building, in the background.

"Pegasus" seen from the largest of the parks lakes in autumn.

Kungs Oscars väg goes through Kungsparken and is sometimes trafficated by a museum tram.

Turning Torso as seen from the windmill in Slottsparken when it was under construction.

Turning Torso seen from Slottsparken.

A lake in Kungsparken.

Autumn in Kungsparken, with talle pine trees.

The canal that divides Slottsparken and Kungsparken with the old observation platform to the right.

The small lake towards the old part of the library.

The text says that a bomb exploded at this place in Slottsparken October 3rd 1940.
It was a mistake, it was aimed at Copenhagen.

The small bridge above the creek is in Slottsparken.
The windmill, and the "arch of bushs" are in Slottsträdgården in the northern part of Slottsparken.




A small park that is bordering Triangeln and Pildammsparken, mostly known for this strange beech, and Malmö Konsthall (modern art exhibition).

There are many grandiose buildings around Magistratsparken.

Hilton and an art noveaux (?) building seen from Magistratsparken.

The old part of Malmö konsthall and St Johanneskyrkan.




Folkets Park (People´s Park), Malmö´s only amusement park, is situated in the end Möllevången. It hosts northern Europe´s tallest ferris wheel. The park is pretty small and has just a few attractions, but the entrance is free, so it really is the park for the people. The views from the ferris wheel can be seen at the skylines section.

Since a few years back, there is also a rose sculpture fountain in Folkets Park.