Citytunneln - the new train tunnel beneath Malmö

Finally Citytunneln is completed after 5 years of construction and more then 20 years of planning in Malmö, Sweden’s 3rd largest city! It was inaugurated Saturday 4th December 2010 and the first test trips started on Sunday. For those who don’t know Citytunneln is a train tunnel beneath Malmö, saving a lot of time (but not money, the cost ended in 8 500 000 000 SEK and the tickets will be much more expensive) for the passengers since the trains don’t have to drive all around the city. It is like an extension of the Öresundsbridge, the bridge between Malmö and Copenhagen. It is 17km long, of which 6km is a tunnel. There are 3 stations, in order: Centralstationen, Triangeln  and Hyllie. Hyllie is the closest station to the bridge to Copenhagen. But since Triangeln is the closest station from where I live, I started there, went to the central station and then passed Triangeln on the way to Hyllie.

Station Triangeln South:

Triangeln’s citytunnel station has 2 entrances. This is the south entrance. It has a futuristic architecture.

Station Triangeln's south entrance. It was covered in snow shortly after the inauguration in December 2010.

The south station during construction.

Station Triangeln on the first test day.

The floor artwork by Gunilla Klingberg is called “Vardags Livets Mönster”. Strange spelling...

More art in Citytunneln; “Halo”, also by Gunill Klingberg, who also made “Alla i en i alla” below.

In my opinion Triangeln is the coolest of the stations with its 2 futuristic buildings. Some people compared the architecture to Dubai. They are a bit small on the outside (that disappointed me during the construction phase), but it is big underground.

The diagonal elevator shaft down to the train tunnel. May be a bit thrilly...

Note the light rectangles that are constantly moving on the wall, adding a futuristic Star Wars feeling to the already futuristic architecture. It is called Spårsken.

The train is arriving. The brand new modern “pågatåg” (Guys train in English). “Pågatågen” are the regional trains of Skåne, all violet.

The first city tunnel trip. This is how the new “pågatåg” looks inside. Next station: Malmö Central!


The central station (“Centralen”):

The main train station of Malmö has been completely reconstructed to be able to host the city tunnel and all its new passengers. It is the largest citytunnel station.

The Centralen station has TV displays, showing landscapes from all over the world.

The palms on the displays don't prevent it to be very cold in the tunnel!

Glashallen, the new glass annex where you arrive when taking the escalator or elevator up.

The exterior of Glashallen, taken on another occasion. Glasshallen is a glass building with sharp edges.

A dance performance inside Glashallen.

The station building has been partly rebuilt and modernized inside.

The old part of the station building.

Malmö Centralstation, exterior.

The new entrance of Malmö Centralstation.

The old entrance.

The small yellow building, now a restaurant, was removed during the construction works of Citytunneln, but later replaced on the same spot due to historical significance.
The modern clock tower in the background is an entrance to an underground part of the central station, where you can find a tunnel that leads to the main station.

At the central station, we discovered that a lot of theatre people were hired to act and dress like “weird” people, old time people and weird beings.

Back on the train again. Next stop: Hyllie!


Station Hyllie:

Hyllievång is the new district, taking place in the southwestern outskirts of Malmö, very close to the Öresund bridge. Some significant projects:

Hyllie station with the artwork “Minuten” above. It is named Minuten because it takes a minute for the light effect to rotate around the circular roof.

Citytunneln test day at Hyllie.

Emporia, that will become Scandinavia’s largest and most architecturally outstanding shopping mall is under construction here. It will have 220 stores!

The new square is taking place. Malmö Arena, Hyllie Vattentorn and Point Hyllie (will have 30 floors) are all futuristic buildings in the area.
A birch wood is planned on the square.

Malmö Arena was inaugurated in 2009. Concerts and sports events are taking place.

Artist making snow sculptures.

Point Hyllie, the lower section. The taller one will have 27 floors and be 95 m tall, second tallest after Turning Torso.

Artists making sculptures.

The new parking garage with the logo of Malmö.

Inside Malmö Arena larges gingerbread houses were built. We also got free Christmas food, coffee and gingerbreads.

There was an exhibition about the area inside Malmö Arena. This is a model of future Hyllievång.


Outside Malmö Arena with Minuten Citytunnel station and Point Hyllie.

Nice lights at the Hyllie Square.

The water tower, also called “the ufo” is light red around Christmas (otherwise blue).

The artwork with the roof above Hyllie Station is called “Minuten” and was designed by Kristina Matousch.

Triangeln – North Station:

The architecture of the north entrance, also futuristic. Much is planned for the area. Lightrail trams will probably drive here in the future, if everything goes according to plans.

An artwork called “Lotus” in the north entrance.

Parking garages for bikes in two levels have been built around the Citytunnel Triangeln area.

Going out from Triangeln’s north entrance.

Some of the actors, playing strange creatures.

A large machine with some kind of drill at the construction site of the new Triangeln mall.

Old buildings like the St Johannes Church are in the surroundings.


The inauguration ceremony:

Citytunneln was officially inaugurated on Saturday 4th 2010. The king of Sweden clipped the band and a lot of wellknown artists performed.

Posthuset draped in violent light during the ianauguration ceremony.

The gable of the old central station building.


The stage was supposed to remind of a tunnel.