Malmö skylines and views

This part is about skylines and tall buildings. It is hard to see a skyline of Malmö, cause there are no hills and there few tall buildings to get up in and the city center can hardly be seen from the sea. But I have manage to capture the skyline from some angels. Västra Hamnen/Bo01 is one of the few skylines that can be seen from the water. The views of Bo01, Öresundsbron and the limestone quarry can be seen in the outskirts section.
The skyline was improved between 2003 and 2005 by Turning Torso, a famous controversial building that is much taller than all other buildings.


From the left, 2020: Malmö Live, Tenoren, Kv Niagara (Malmö University), Old Post Office Bldg, Malmö Living, Slagthuset, Turning Torso (Scandinavia's tallest), Kockumshuset, Öresundshuset. Click here for larger picture.

From the left, 2014: Malmö Live (u/c), Kv Niagara (Malmö University), Old Post Office Bldg, Slagthuset, Turning Torso (Scandinavia's tallest), Kockumshuset, Öresundshuset. Click here for larger picture.

From the left, 2014: Slussplan highrise, St Petri Church (formerly tallest), Malmö Live (u/c), Kv Niagara (Malmö University), Old Post Office Bldg, Slagthuset, Turning Torso (Scandinavia's tallest), Kockumshuset, Öresundshuset. Click here for larger picture.

From the left, 2016: St Petri Church (formerly tallest), Malmö Live, Tenoren, Kv Niagara (Malmö University), Old Post Office Bldg, Slagthuset, Turning Torso (Scandinavia's tallest), Kockumshuset, Öresundshuset Click here for larger picture.

From the left, 2020: Malmö Living, Slagthuset, Studio, Turning Torso, Öresundshuset

From the left, 2020: Turning Torso, Slagthuset, Öresundshuset, Skandiahuset.

From the left, 2020: St Petri Church, Malmö Live and World Maritime University, Tenoren.


Skyline pic of the Västra Hamnen (West Harbour) area with Turning Torso, completed in 2003, seen to the left. Turning Torso is, at a height of 190m, Scandinavia's tallest building. For more pics of the building, go to the Turning Torso section. Other siginificant buildings, though much lower, are the new WTC, Kockumshuset, the glass building and Malmömässan, that is about to be torn down while taking this picture.

Close up of the Västra Hamnen skyline seen from Ribbersborg beach.

Panorama of Malmö's skyline seen from a bathing bridge. Except for Västra Hamnen it includes St Petri, Kronprinsen and Ribbersborg residences. Click for a larger version!



The Point, Hyllie Vattentorn, Malmö Arena, Malmö Arena Hotel and Flatiron building. Taken in August 2019.

Hyllie sunsest skyline in 2020 with Point Hyllie, Hyllie Vattentorn, Malmö Arena Hotel and The Edge.

Hyllie skyline.

Hyllie skyline with The Point (u/c) seen from the village Vintrie.


Malmö Live, Tenoren, Sopranen, Nya Tingsrätten.

The new skyline of Hjälmarekajen, next to the city center of Malmö in December 2013:
Malmö Live/Clarion Hotel, World Maritime University, Scandinanvian Center, the new twisted bridge, the historic yellow building and another new highrise u/c (right).


The skyline of Triangeln in December 2013, with Kv Kaninen residential highrise to the left, Scandic in the middle and the St Johannes Church to the right.

Malmö Live, Tenoren and Petrikyrkan from Malmöhus Slott.

SKYLINE FROM DALAPLAN (the roof of Lidl's parking garage) 2014:

Bohus 5 residential highrise (45m, 15 floors, completed 2014), Mobilia residential highrise (51m, 16 floors, completed early 2014).

Triangeln with a school clock tower, Kvarter Kaninen highrise, Malmö Live in the background, St Johannes Church and Scandic Hotel Triangeln (formerly Hilton).

Triangeln with Kvarter Kaninen highrise, Malmö Live in the background, St Johannes Church and Scandic Hotel Triangeln (formerly Hilton).

Zooming in towards Malmö Live in the far background!

Bohus 5 and Mobilia highrise.

Towards Kulladal with the new Dalaplan highrises in the front.

Towards Borgmästargården and Annelundsgården.

Södervärnstornet, a 54m tall water tower from 1916 in the nearby Södervärn area.

Looking towards Södervärn with Triangeln in the backgrond, and St Petri Church to the far right. The UMAS hospital's parking garage's was increased from 3 to 5 floors and the exterior was modernized.

Towards the gritty neighbourhoods Sofielund, Augustenborg and Nydala.

Heleneholmsverken, the tallest chimney in Malmö, and one of the city's tallest structures since 1966 (130m tall). To the right is Fosievägen's commie block highrises.

Kronprinsen   Turning Torso   Quality Hotel Konserthuset



From northern Europe´s tallest ferris wheel (45m) at the amusement park Folkets Park at Möllevången I have taken these skyline shots
of Malmö, around 2002. The ferris wheel has unfortunately been removed:

Malmö skyline from the left, in the early 20002: St Johannes Church, Kronprinsen, Hilton and Turning Torso, here still under construction.

Downtown skyline, a closer view: Johanneskyrkan, Kronprinsen, Hilton.

Downtown from the left: Turning Torso, Kv. Mården, Kockumshuset, Quality Hotel Konserthuset and St Petri Church(Malmö´s tallest building until TT is completed).

Yes, you can even see Öresundsbron in the distance!

Södervärn. From the left: Heleneholmverket chimney, commie blocks, Södervärns water tower, commie blocks and Hyllie water tower.

Möllevången roofs in the front.Värnhem and "Svanen", the crane that built the bridge. In the far distance is Lund.

The ferris wheel.

The limestone quarry in Limhamn with the brand new serviced apartment complex Victoria Park, consisting of 6 midrises, in the front, and Turning Torso in the background.

Turning Torso, Victoria Park and Bunkeflo kyrka in front of Limhamns kalkbrott seen from the train to Denmark.

Malmö skyline, dominated by Turning Torso, seen from the train to Denmark, at the Swedish side of Öresundsbron. The chimneys and the Cementa factory will be torn down.

The same view from a bit further away, also including Kronprinsen, Hilton and St Petri Church.

A panorama of Malmö´s skyline as seen from Frihamnsviadukten, that goes through the rails that lead to Malmö´s central station. Turning Torso is surrounded to the left
of Slagthuset and to the right of Kockumshuset and Öresundshuset. To the far left is Petrikyrkan. In the center is the central station and the post office building.
Click to view a larger version.

Views of the city center from Dockan:

"Malmhattan" skyline from the left: Niagara, Malmö Live, Tenoren.

Slagthuset, Smörkontrollen, Skandiahuset, Petrikyrkan. There are plans to build a new highrise cluster at Carlsgatan to the left of this building.

Here also with Posthuset, a light house and Orkanen univeristy building.

Views from Orkanen, the new university building at Hjälmarekajen, next to the city center:

Turning Torso, Malmömässan, Dockan and Kockumshuset seen from Orkanen.

Öresundsbron seen from Orkanen.

This skyline will probably change a lot in the next 20 years as there are plans to build highrises up to 25 floor on Carlsgatan (middle).

Petrikyrkan, Savoy, Börshuest etv during Malmöfestivalen 2010. The bridge is one of Malmö's many new bridges.

The fancy colors of the "Hurricane" university building in front of St Bernard, a nightclub boat.

Skyline seen from Orkanen during Malmöfestivalen 2010. The post office building is the building to the left.

Södra Förstadsgatan seen from Hilton's external glass elevators.

If you climb up one of these high hills between the 2 commie block districts Holma and Kroksbäck, you can see the whole Malmö. The commie block districts in the outskirts are visible closest to the camera, and in the background you can see the more "wealthy" districts of Malmö and the city center. It is all pointed out together with the most important buildings.

Scroll to the right to see almost all tall structures in Malmö! Click for a larger version!

Yes, you can even see Öresundsbron...

...and the wealthy suburb of Limhamn from the hills of Holma. And if you look far, can you see Copenhagen on the horizon?

Malmö´s highway skyline from the south (when you arrive from Ystad). You can read what each tall structure is called and its height. Note that the lower picture was taken in the early 2000s, around 2003. The second one from below is from around 2008 and the uppermost one from 2014 (taken from bus window).
Click for a larger versions!

From Pildammsparken you can see the skyline of Sweden´s tallest residental skyscrapers: Turning Torso(190m, here still under construction) and Kronprinsen (83m).

A closeup of the same view, when Turning Torso still was under construction.

Pildammsparken skyline in a dark summer night 2010.

Panorama over Malmö's harbour skyline. Note St Petri Church to the far right..

Note the little highrise cluster. Unfortunately, Slagthuset is hidden behind

Views from Umas, the university hospital:

Södervärnstornet with the highrises of Rosengård and Höja in the background.

Hilton, and the churches St Petri and St Johannes are visible.

Views from the Bulltofta field:

Bulltoftafältet, the field near Riseberga were Ikea used to be. This is the district were I grew up as little. It’s hill is not only a place to ride pulka wintertime, it also has great views of Malmö, though from a distance.

Kronprinsen, St Petri and TT.

Arlöv, a northern suburb. Note the windmill "Kronetorp" to the far right and Arlövs kyrka to the left.

St Petri and Turning Torso.

Copenhagen skyline seen form Ribbersborg beach.

Malmö fullmoon skyline seen from the coast town Bjärred, where I lived for a few years as a child.

Dominated by Turning Torso.



Views from the roof garden on top of the Emporia mall in Hyllie:

On the roof of Emporia, Scandianvia's largest shopping mall, there is an ecological garden that offers views over Malmö, Öresundsbron and Denmark! It has artificial hills and occupies an area of 27 000 m².

Hyllie Arena Hotel and Hyllie Water Tower in 2014.

Kronprinsen (left, 82m, built 1964) and Malmö Live/Clarion Hotel (right, 85m, expected completion 2015). In the middle is Lorensborg.

Turning Torso, Kronprinsen and Malmö Live. In the front is Emporia's roof garden.

Triangeln area in central Malmö with Malmö Stadion, Hilton, Kv Kaninen highrise, Pildammstornet, St Johannes Church and Quality Hotel Konserthuset.

Part of the articifial grass on the roof garden.

Öresundsbron, the bridge across the Sound between Sweden and Denmark.

Öresundsbron and a countryside residence.

Wind power stations on Danish side.

Malmö skyline. The blue curve is part of the west entrance.

Cementa factory in 2012, soon to be torn down.

The new Cementa silo, St Johannes Church, Hilton, St Johannes Church, Borgmästargården, Annebergsgården.