Lexington Avenue
Midtown Manhattan
- Bloomingdale's, Citigroup Center, Bloomberg Tower

Lexington Avenue, or just "Lex", is an avenue in Midtown Manhattan, between 3rd Ave and Park Ave. It goes from 21st St at Gramercy Park to the north of Central Park, but this page is about the Midtown part, where some famous skyscrapers, stores and other buildings are situated.

Citigroup Center (on Lexington) and Lipstick Bldg seen from 2nd Avenue.

Citigroup Center is one of New York's classic skyscrapers, and one of the 10 tallest. It has 59 floors and is 279m to the top. It was built in 1977. Citigroup Center (formerly Citicorp Center) is sometimes featured in the comic magazine Superman as Lex Luthor's headquarters.

There is an atrium with a shopping galleria inside Citigroup Center. A guard told us not to take photo.

Citigroup Center has a 45° angled top. It is also significant from below, as it stands on 3 thick columns. The reason for the columns is that there should be place for building a new church, since St Peter's Lutheran Church was torn down to make way for Citigroup.

Looking northwards on Lexington, at Citigroup Center. People having lunch.

The sunken green plaza under Citigroup Center.

Bloomberg Tower, was completed in 2004, 6 years after Alexander's department store was demolished on the site. It was designed by the famous architect César Pellli. Michael Bloomberg is the current mayor of New York (2011), but also was the president of Bloomberg L.P.

Bloomberg Tower is 246m tall to the roof and has 55 floors.

On the lower floors of Bloomberg Tower there are stores, such as the Swedish H&M. The tower also has 105 luxury condos.

Bloomberg Tower rises above One Beacon Court.

Lexington southwards on Midtown.

Bloomingdale's flagship store is huge. It has 10 floors and occupies the entire block, where it has been located since 1930.

Bloomingdale's is a bit more exclusive then Macy's.

The uppermost floors of Bloomingdale's.

The 3rd Ave exit.

Glass buildings seen from Lexington.

Chrysler Building's Lexington Ave facade. For more about Chrysler Bldg, visit the E 42nd St section.

The Upper East Side part of Lexington. The 2011 Virginia earthquake was going on the hours around the occasion when I took this picture. We couldn't feel it though, but workers at the office towers did.