Little Italy

Little Italy begins immediately to the North of Chinatown on south Manhattan. It is very small and mostly concentrated around only one street, Mulberry Street. Visiting Little Italy feels a bit like being in the movie Godfather. It was once known for its large Italian population, but is today more a tourist attraction. Most of Little Italy has been absorbed by Chinatown.

The entrance to Little Italy with Empire State Bldg in the background. Mulberry Street is the main street of Little Italy. If it really was in Italy and not America, it had definately been a pedestrian street!

Ferrara is a classic Italian café at Grand Street. This is the first Italian business after Chinatown.

Grand Street with the entrance to Little Italy.

Napoli is one of the most popular Italian cafés and restaurant. Note the chairs on the street!

The Most Precious Blood, a small church in Little Italy. It is the national shrine church of San Gennaro.

Some of the most gritty buildings on Canal Street. Not actually part of Little Italy, that is very well maintained.

Immediately to the North of Little Italy is SoHo (click to visit). ESB can be seen in the background.

Da Gennaro, a nice but a bit snobbish Italian restaurant that we visited. It is run by guys from some Spanish speaking country. We were very surprised when we discovered that 17% tip was added to the bill!

Walking through Little Italy by night towards our next goal: the observation deck of Empire State Building!

Little Italy is considered a historic district together with Chinatown.