The skyscrapers of New York

New York is the home of the skyscraper. Manhattan has the most famous and impressive skyline in the world. For over a century the majority of the world's tallest buildings stood in New York. But most of the world's tallest buildings are in Asia nowadays. Anyway many of USA:s tallest buildings are in New York.

Counted after official heights. Spires are included in the height measure, but not the mast. According to the standard of WTBC.
Source (click): Skyscraperpage diagram for New York

1.One World Trade Center

under construction
Completed: 2013
Height, spire: 541.3 m
Height, roof: 417 m
Floors: 105
Use: Office
Style: Modern, structural expressionism

Two World Trade Center

under construction, completed 2015. 411.6 m, 88 floors

2.Empire State Building

Completed: 1931
Height, spire: 443.2 m
Height, roof: 381 m
Floors: 102
Use: Office (have observation deck)
Style: Art Deco

3.Bank of America Tower

Completed: 2009
Height, spire: 365.8 m
Height, roof: 287.9 m
Floors: 55
Use: Office
Style: Structural expressionism

Three World Trade Center

under construction, completed 2014. 357 m, 80 floors

4.Chrysler Building

Completed: 1930
Height, spire: 318.9 m
Height, roof: 282 m
Floors: 77
Use: Office
Style: Art deco

5.New York Times Tower

Completed: 2007
Height, spire: 318.8 m
Height, roof: 227.4 m
Floors: 52

Use: Office
Style: Modern



under construction, completed 2013. 306.3 m, 75 floors

6.Four World Trade Center

under construction
Completed: 2013
Height, roof: 297.2 m
Floors: 72
Use: Office
Style: Modern

7.American International Building

Completed: 1932
Height, spire: 290.2 m
Height, roof: 259.1 m
Floors: 67
Use: Office
Style: Art deco, gothic

8.40 Wall Street (Trump Building)

Completed: 1930
Height, spire: 282.5 m
Floors: 71
Use: Office
Style: Art deco

9.Citigroup Center

Completed: 1977
Height, spire: 278 m
Floors: 59

Use: Office
Style: Modern

30 Park Place (Four Seasons)

on hold, expected completion 2014. 278 m, 68 floors

10.8 Spruce Street (Beekman Tower, New York by Gehry)

Completed: 2011
Height, roof: 267 m
Floors: 76

Use: Residential
Style: Futurism

11.Trump World Tower

Completed: 2001
Height, roof: 262.4 m
Floors: 72

Use: Residential
Style: Modern

12.GE Building

Completed: 1933
Height, roof: 259.8 m
Floors: 70

Use: Office (have observation deck)
Style: Art deco

56 Leonard Street

on hold. 250.2 m, 58 floors

13.CitySpire Center

Completed: 1987
Height, spire: 248.1 m
Floors: 75

Use: Mixed use (office, residential)
Style: Postmodern

14.One Chase Manhattan Plaza

Completed: 1961
Height, roof: 247.8 m
Floors: 60

Use: Office
Style: International

15.4 Times Square (Condé Nast Building)

Completed: 1999
Height, spire: 246.6 m (antenna 340.7 m)
Height, roof: 213.7 m
Floors: 48

Use: Office
Style: Postmodern

16.MetLife Building

Completed: 1963 (formerly Pan Am Bldg)
Height, roof: 246.3 m
Floors: 58

Use: Office
Style: Brutalist, international

17.Bloomberg Tower

Completed: 2005
Height, roof: 245.7 m (antenna 286.8 m)
Floors: 54

Use: Mixed use (office, hotel, residential, retail)
Style: Modern

18.Woolworth Building

Completed: 1913
Height, roof: 241.4 m
Floors: 57

Use: Office
Style: Gothic, Art deco