Danish Railway Museum

The Danish Railway Museum (Danmarks Jernbanemuseum) is Scandinavia's largest railway museum and Denmark's national railway museum. It is situated on the backside of the modern Central Station in Odense and is one of the city's main attractions. It was the first sight I visited after I arrived in the city. The museum was established in 1975 in a former engine shed. It covers an area of 10 000m² and contains 50 locomotives and railway carriages. It is very interesting since it spans over all periods in Denmark's railway history. The Danish main railway company is called DSB (Danske Statsbaner) and is the largest railway company in Scandinavia. There is also a boat collection in the museum. There are second floors, the first floor is dedicated to locomotives, carriages, railraods and built up environments and the second floors is mostly dedicated to model trains, equipment and uniforms.

A 1800s steam locomotive near the entance.


The entrance to the Danish Railway Museum.



2nd (here) and 3rd class coach. Train employees examained tickets in up to 70 kph!   2nd (here) and 3rd class coach, in service in Jutland (Jylland) 1868-1930   2nd and 3rd (here) class coach, in service in Jutland (Jylland) 1868-1930

1st class coupé        

Engine-driver's view   Track maintenance   Track maintenance

Snow plow from 1869        

"Bismarck", Double decked train coach that were built in the middle of the 1800s to cope with the increased population of Copenhagen


Double decked train carriage, nicknamed "Bismarck" because of the impopularity (very narrow)

International restaurant coach


International restaurant coach

International restaurant coach in Nord-express (Northern Express)


Another 1800s steam locomotive.


Inside the 1800s steam locomotive

Maintenance vehicel

Details of a steam locomotive   Steam locomotive   Horse driven train carriage

Train transporting chemicals   Vintage railway advertizement   "Landauer", a horse carriage for Royal people from 1897

The Danish Royal family had a special coach   The Royal train carriage   Royal train carriage, 1960s version

A newer (1960s?) DSB train   Driver's view in the DSB train   Another railroad service car

NOHAB diesel locomotive from the 1950s, heavily used by DSB in Denmark until the 1980s. NOHAB was a Swedish train manufacturer that later formed SAAB.


Drivers view, NOHAB diesel side the 1800s steam locomotive

Diesel engine, NOHAB locomotive



From the second floor there are views of the trains.




MODEL TRAINS, small trains and more:

A small version of the Öresund trains for small people that drives on a small track around the museum.


There is also a small train outside that even grown up people can ride themselves

Model railway   Model railway   Outdoor model railway

Model train   Model train   Model train

Model train   Model train   Modern model trains

Model railway   Model railway   LEGO train

Model railway   Model railway   Model railway

The act of sabotage was prepared   Soldiers and a warning sign against talking about politics in Denmark!   Triangel was a Danish bus and truck manufacturing company


Model railway with an anvironment of a whole city!


The platform for change of tracks outside the museum

Post coach



As the railroad also uses ships to transport the trains, there is a collection of models of ships that carries train and their interiors in fullscale.

Princess Anne-Marie, ship that took 1500 and 110 cars on the route Helsingborg-Helsingor (Sweden-Denmark)        

Inside a boat cabin for the rich (stateroom).




Odense Banegård Center, the Central Station, is situated right next to the museum.   Odense Banegård Center, the Central Station   Modern commuting train at the Central Station

Old Railway Station (right), today the Music Library   Area around the central station   Odense Central Libary is located on the second floor of the central station.

Sunset skyline and modern Funen commuting train seen from the Central Station.