Quetzaltepec volcano, Boquerón Volcano Valley

- Parque el Boquerón, San Salvador Volcano

San Salvador is situated in the Boquerón Volcano Valley. The highest volcano is Quetzaltepec, or the San Salvador Volcano, that can be seen from almost all over the city and still has seismic activity. It is situated just West of San Salvador, and is part of the bordering La Libertad department. Part of it is situated in Santa Tecla. The highest point is situated at a height of 1 893m above the sea. Several TV and radio antennas are situated on the Picacho peaks above the crater. The highest peak, El Picacho, is situated at en elevation of 1,96km. The volcano is a famous symbol of San Salvador, but an eruption can lead to a catastrophic devastation of the city! The most recent eruption was in 1917. Before this eruption there was a lagoon inthe crater! The Boqueron edifice was formed 700-1000 years ago.

We drow up through narrow, steep, curvy roads up to the top of the volcano, Parque el Boqueron, that has a museum about the vegetation and lots of vegetation. From there, steep stairs lead upwards to a viewing point. Right above it are all tall TV masts. There are fancy restaurants with amazing views, along the way to the top of the volcno, like La Pampa el Volcan that we visited in the late evening and Plaza Volcan.

Quetzaltepec from Santa Tecla Quetzaltepec from Santa Tecla Quetzaltepec from West San Salvador 
Quetzaltepec from West San Salvador 02 Quetzaltepec from West San Salvador 03 Quetzaltepec 06 Quetzaltepec 07 Quetzaltepec 08 Quetzaltepec 09 Quetzaltepec 10 Quetzaltepec 11 Quetzaltepec 12 Quetzaltepec 13 Quetzaltepec 14 Quetzaltepec 15 - volcano crater Quetzaltepec 16 - volcano crater Quetzaltepec 17 - volcano crater Quetzaltepec 18 Quetzaltepec 19 Quetzaltepec 20 Quetzaltepec 21 Quetzaltepec 22 Quetzaltepec 23 Quetzaltepec 24 Quetzaltepec 25 Quetzaltepec 26 Quetzaltepec 27 - terrace Quetzaltepec 28 Quetzaltepec 29 Quetzaltepec 30 Quetzaltepec 31 - viewing point Quetzaltepec 32 -viewing point Quetzaltepec 33 - views Quetzaltepec 34 Quetzaltepec 35 Quetzaltepec 36 Quetzaltepec 37 Quetzaltepec 38 Quetzaltepec 39 Quetzaltepec 40 Quetzaltepec 41 Quetzaltepec 42 - high mast Quetzaltepec 43 Quetzaltepec 44 Quetzaltepec 45 -stairway Quetzaltepec 46 Quetzaltepec 47 Quetzaltepec 48 Quetzaltepec 49 - mast Quetzaltepec 50 - restaurant Quetzaltepec 51 - restaurant Quetzaltepec 52 - poor village Quetzaltepec 53 Quetzaltepec 54 Quetzaltepec 79 Quetzaltepec 80 Road to Quetzaltepec La Pampa el Volcan, Quetzaltepec Road to Quetzaltepec Road to Quetzaltepec Quetzaltepec 05 - volcano museum Views from Quetzaltepec 01 Views from Quetzaltepec 02 Views from Quetzaltepec 03 Views from Quetzaltepec 04 Views from Quetzaltepec 05 - El Perregral and mormon temple Views from Quetzaltepec 06 - West San Salvador Views from Quetzaltepec 07 Views from Quetzaltepec 08 Views from Quetzaltepec 09 Views from Quetzaltepec 10 Views from Quetzaltepec 11 La Pampa el Volcan 01 - Views of Santa Tecla and San Salvador La Pampa el Volcan 15