Harbour and skylines

This page is focused on the large harbour of Sassnitz, the ferry and the views from the ferry of the town and the national park Jasmund that is bordering the city, surrounding the Northern part of the island of Rügen. Sassnitz ferry terminal is situated about 5km from the town and the communications are very bad. When you arrive with the Stenaline ferry from Trelelborg, you come to noman's land, and if you don't have a car you have to walk for about 20 minutes until you finally find a bus stop, since the one in the harbour was cancelled by some stupid reason. There are no ATMs or exchange stores in the surrounding of the ferry terminal either. The ferry trip from Trelleborg in southernmost Sweden takes just over 4 hours, and just cost 98 skr if returning the same day! The sea between Sweden and Germany is called the Baltic Sea (Östersjön in Swedish, which literally means "Eastern Lake").

The white rocks of Jasmund National Park that surround the Northern part of Rügen, Germany's largest island. The cliffs are the largest chalk cliffs of Germany, so called königsstuhl. At 30km² it is the smallest national park in Germany.

The cliffs of Jasmund National Park near Sassnitz

The coastline of Rügen   Jasmund cliffs


The white rocks of Jasmund National Park

  Rocks of Jasmund   Rocks of Rügen



Sassnitz has a beautiful natural setting. Since the rocks and hilly forests surround the town, it is very narrow geographically. Thus the distances can be pretty long despite being a city with just under 10 000 inhabitants.


Sassnitz seen from the ferry

  Sassnitz Old Town from the ferry   Sassnitz port/town center


Sassnitz seen from the ferry

  Sassnitz Old Town from the ferry   Sassnitz port/town center


Suspension bridge and Hotel Rügen

  Sassnitz Old Harbour from the ferry   Sassnitz port/town center


The large ferry and industrial harbour of Sassnitz, 5km from the city!

  Industrial harbour at sunset   Goodbye Sassnitz! Heading back to Sweden




Our ferry, Stena Lines "Sassnitz"

  Another ferry in the Baltic Sea   Stena Lines "Sassnitz"


In Sassnitz there was a glass skybridge for the passengers

  The captain of "Sassnitz"   Stena Lines "Sassnitz"


This no mans land is where you arrive after leaving the ferry!

  Where is the bus? Most people don't want to pay 40 euro for a taxi when the boat trip was only 10 euro!   Very badly organized by the town of Sassnitz and Stena Line, the shipping company!




Our ferry, Stena Lines "Trelleborg"

  The ferry "Trelleborg" was bigger and better then the ferry "Sassnitz"   Large gods trains are freighted on the ferry!


When gettin off and on the ferry in Trelleborg, you have to wait at car deck. When all vehicles have left the ferry, a bus arrives to drive the passengers from the ferry!

  On the ferry "Trelleborg" campers and caravans have to reverse before driving out from the ferry.   Another ferry in the distance