Population: 6 700 (incl. Falsterbo)
Year: 2003 and 2011

Skanör is the smallest incorporated city in Sweden. It is situated on the Näset, a foreland some kilometres southwest of Malmö. However, it has more the atmosphere of a village with almost no big stores and very small houses. It is part of the rich Vellinge community. Together with the even smaller twin town Falsterbo it is politically considered one town, Skanör with Falsterbo.

When we visited in July 2011, by coincidence Falsterbo Auto Classic took place, allowing us to see and take photos of many beautiful classical cars.

We also saw the geese walk, look in the lower half of the page.

Gåsatåget, "geese train" passing Skanör's town center.

Many horses, some with carriages, can be seen in Skanör summertime.


A formel 1 towed by a 4 wheel bike!

Skanör's town center.

Mellangatan is the main street of Skanör with small boutiques and cafés. The prices are high.

Hotel Spelabäcken.

A Jaguar at Mellangatan.

"Don't strees - sit down, my friend cause forgotten rest will never return".

The small Fiat attracts people to the café.

A bit strange decoration?

British cars (and a German) at the main street Mellangatan:




Another classic Mercedes at Mellangatan.

One of many small halftimbered townhouses in Skanör.

De Tomaso Pantera - which one do you choose?

BMWs with Danish license plates.

Nostalgeek Garage Pump, a private party with a small fashion show was taking place here.


Porsches at a typical Swedish house.

Chevrolet Corvette StingRay.

A beautiful MG. Looks a bit like a Disney car.


This is where the town hall and the church lies.

Rådhuset, the Town Hall.

Skanör kyrka, or S:t Olof´s church, with a Lincoln limo, a Rolls, a classic Mercedes and a Bentley in front of it.

The Bentley in front of the church.

And the Rolls-Royce. Seems the owner likes to hunt!

This classic Mercedes would be nicer in another colour.

Some wedding and filming going on at this 60s Mercedes S Classe.

The "weddin Mercedes" passes by the limo and the church, built in the 13th century.

The town hall, the bell and some sports cars from Wendels.

A Lamborghini Gallardo.

This green MG was my girlfriend's favourite!

Some motorcycles were also placed on the Town Hall Square.

Gåsatåget, the geese train, 2 children lead the geese through Skanör and Falsterbo.

Contrasts: Sport cars and geeses!

Some geese like to eat bikes!

We found this Jaguar E-Type at someones parking lot. One of 3 or 4 we saw that day!

"Tank car"...

Södergatan, at the main square in the town center.


Photos from 2003:

There is a crosswalk for geeses right in the center of Skanör! The kids are helping them crossing the street in the right way!

These are most likely not the same kids as the ones in 2011.

The town center is pretty dead and there are almost no stores, except for small boutique stores.

Skanör Beach:

The beach of Skanör is close to this point. It has wind sand and is the nicest in southern Skåne.

Öresundsbron and the wind power stations on the Danish side seen from Skanör's beach.