Sölvesborg is the smallest of the Blekinge region's four cities, close to the border of Skåne in Blekinge's southwest part, just next to the sea. The city has a well preserved medieval town center, a shoreline with a striking brand new bridge and a historic church. Mind that we were visiting on a sunday, so the town center might look a bit dead.
The famous Sweden Rock Festival is taking place close to the city every year.

Population: 8 401 (metro 16 773)
Region: Blekinge
City since: 1445
Tallest building: St Nicholas Church



Sankt Nicolai Kyrka (St Nicholas Church) is located just next to the town center. It was built in the 13th century, but the tower was built in the end of the 14th century. The architecture is a mix of gothic and renaissance styles. There are many paintings inside. Just to the north of the church is the residence of the artist and painter Jonas Lundh.


Sankt Nicolai Kyrka


Sankt Nicolai Kyrka

Sankt Nicolai Kyrka, model Sankt Nicolai Kyrka, garden Sankt Nicolai Kyrk, gate

Stortorget (Main Square), the heart of Sölvesborg. The yellow building is the Town Hall.



Phone boxes, Stortorget


Ask and Embla sculpture, Stortorget. The answer to Adam and Eve in the Nordic mythology.


Backside of Ask and Embla sculpture, Stortorget

Reliefs in marble, Ask and Embla sculpture, Stortorget


Östra Storgatan (East Main Street), historic street right next to Stortorgetl.

Östra Storgatan Christopher, king of Sweden, Norway and Denmark confirmed Sölvesborg's city rights in Aug 13th 1445 Water sculpture
Near the church Medieval town center Ariel sculpture

Vita Huset, "the white house"

Sölvesborg's railway station.  

Sölvesborg police station and one of many classic American cars in teh city summertime

Street scene "Borre Carlström", an artist "Borre Carlström" sculpture
Street scene A pick-up with crazy stickers  




Sölvesborgsbron, the new pedestrian and bike bridge above the Sölvesborg Bay opened as recently as May 2013. It is 760m long and has a striking design.


Sölvesborgsbron, the new bay bridge

Fyra Årstiders Park (Four Seasons Park) at the bayfront

Sölvesborgsbron goes between the town center and some islands.



The bridge seen from a nearby island

"Skyline" of Sölvesborg: Only lowrise buildings and a tall but ugly factory. The church is hardly visible from the bay. View towards some of the many wind power stations in Blekinge Tree on a nearby island