Kungsholmen is a quiet district and an island in central Stockholm, just to the west of Norrmalm. The city hall is situated on Kungsholmen, at the border to Norrmalm. Kungsholmen has a more residential feeling, just like most part of Södermalm, while Norrmalm has a more urban feeling. Kungsholmen has a hilly character. There are beautiful promenades on the banks of Mälaren and there are many parks on Kungsholmen.

Kungsholmen with Stockholms Stadshus seen from a bridge.

The City Hall (Stockholms Stadshus) is central Stockholm´s 2nd tallest building. This romanesque building is dating back to 1923, and is still today one of Stockholm´s most famous landmarks. It is 106m and features a clock tower, Karintornet, that has an observaion deck open to public. The City Hall, designed by Ragnar Östberg, is where the world famous Noble prize ceremony takes place.

City Hall at sunset   Regional trains passing by the City Hall at sunset   City Hall from Riddarholmen

The top of Karintornet, the City Hall's tallest tower, with "Tre kronor" monument   Plane passing by the City Hall   Stadshuskällaren restaurang, the place for the noble prize in the City Hall.

The gate to the courtyard of the City Hall (Stadshuset). Its vaults are inspired by Italian renaissance.


Main gate to the courtyard (note the gap to the right). Courtyard, City Hall

The courtyard of the City Hall (Stadshuset) and the terrace along lake Mälaren.


Courtyard with the shorter towers, called KoppartornenCourtyard and the oak called "meetingplace of the children", left.

City Hall renaissance vaults, Mälaren lake and part of Södermalm   People relaxing a sunny autumn day in Stadshusparken, the City Hall Park, right opposite Södermalm.   City Hall, typical Itailan renaissance architecture

Stadshusparken, the beautiful park at the City Hall, with Riddarholmen and Riddarholmskyrkan, Mälaren and Södermalm. The high statue is called Engelbrektsstatyn.

Karinstornet, 106m tall, makes Stadshuset become Stockholm's 5th tallest building (tallest until 2003 when KST was completed). Here seen from Stadshusparken.


The Engelbrekt statue with Norrmalm and Gamla Stan in the background. View towards Norrmalm with Tegelbacken and Sheraton to the left. Sculptures of Stadshusparken

The statue "Dansen" (the dance), Mälaren and Västerbron.


"Sången" (the song), Mälaren and Södermalm

"Dansen" (the dance) and Riddarholmen island

City Hall seen from City Hall Park. Inside Blå hallen (the Blue hall), the world famous Noble prize takes place annually.


Landscaped garden, Stadshusparken

Fröding statue




Kungsholmen with Stadshuset and the Waterfront complex (part of Norrmalm) to the right.


Kungsholmen and Waterfront complex, Norrmalm.City Hall

Norra Mälarstrand, a nice promenade on Kungsholmen along the bank of Lake Mälaren.


"Morgonrodnad" statue at the City Hall

Kongl. Myntet (the Royal Mint) at Hantverkargatan

Hantverkargatan, one of the main streets of Kungsholmen.


City Hall seen from Hantverkargatan.


Bergsgatan, a hilly Kungsholmen street


Kungsholms kyrka

Hilly part of Hantverkargatan

Typical white residential buildings of Kungsholmen, seen from Stadshusbron (city hall bridge).


Kungsholmen's typical white residential buildings from the mid 20th centuryStockholms Tingsrätt (District Court)

View from Kungsklippan   View from Kungsklippan   View from Kungsklippan

Kungsholmen (left) and Norrmalm (right), divided by Klara sjö   Kungsholmen and Norrmalm   Klara kyrka seen from Norrmalm


Kungsholmen skyline dominated by DN-skrapan. To the left is the high bridge Västerbron and in the front Långholmen island.


DN-skrapan, newspaper building

Västerbron is a popular place to commit suicide!

DN-skrapan, Kungsholmen´s tallest building (82m, 25 floors, built 1964). It is
home of Expressen and Dagens Nyheter (DN), two of Sweden´s largest newspapers (photo from 2003).


A modern residential building opposite the DN building, with an arch in the middle (photo from 2003).

The banks of residential Kungsholmen with its promenade Norra Mälarstranden, seen from Riddarholmen.