Södermalm is the populated island, just south of Lake Mälaren (söder=south), Gamla Stan and Norrmalm. But parts of Södermalm, especially northern part feels pretty urban and Södermalm has its own city centers. Södermalm is consider to be a place for elites and hipsters, it is considered to be a bit snobbish by other citizens and the district even has its own accent. Södermalm has good restaurants, nice galleries, movie theaters and night clubs. But there are also average apartment block districts at "Söder", the finest residents are around Hornsgatan. Many of Stockholm´s most wellknown highrises are situated on Södermalm. There are also tall rocks right beside Mälaren with views over Stockholm and many streets are hilly. Hornsgatan and Götgatan are the main streets and around the square Medborgarplatsen in the center of Södermalm there are many pubs and nightclubs.


GÖTGATAN, North part:

Götgatan is the hilly main street and hub of entertainment of Södermalm in North-South direction. Looking towards the Globe, Skrapan, Medborgarhuset and Lillienhoffpalatset.


Götgatan, looking South

Götgatan, looking North

At Götgatan you will find intersting stores, restaurants, pubs, cinemas and nightclubs.   Götgatan   Hilly side street to Götgatan

Globen seen from Götgatan   Skrapan seen from Götgatan   Katarina Kyrka seen from Götgatan

Götgatan, looking downwards towards Skeppsbron, Gamla Stan and Norrmalm.


Götgatan, looking South

Götgatan, looking North

Götgatan, looking South



Stockholm Stadsmuseum (City Museum), Södermalmstorg   Concerts in Stockholm, autumn 2014   Södermalmstorg

Gondolen, the skybridge with views of Stockholm. The famous outdoor elevator Katarinahissen takes you up there. Here in 2014 it was under renovation.


Peter Myndes Backe(hill) towards Gondolen

Gondolen and the adjancent office building

KF-huset (Coop’s HQ) with the famous Katarinahissen, the outdoor elevator that takes you down from Södermalm’s rock to ground level. The original elevator was built in 1883, but was torn down because of the reconstruction of Slussen and the new elevator was inaugurated in1936. On the lower ground of the skybridge is the classic restaurant Gondolen. This picture is from 2010.

View from Gondolen at Katarinahissen. The rocks seen in the picture also offers great views. Below the rocks is one of Stockholm´s most trafficated roads, Stadsgårdsleden, from wich you can take the Katarina elevator up to the roads on higher levels.Vintage neon advertizement seen from Södermalmstorg.


Södermalms torg towards Stadsgårdsleden and the modern office building in glass

Södermalms torg and Allgonakyrkan

View from Gondolen towards old buildings with neon advertizement near Södermalmstorg.A residence close at Bellmans gata next to Hornsgatan with a private bridge.

Södermalmstorg, just next to Sluseen at the Northern harbour of Södermalm. Vintage neon advertizement seen from Södermalmstorg.


Södermalms torg

Södermalms torg and Allgonakyrkan

View from Gondolen towards old buildings with neon advertizement near Södermalmstorg.

A residence close to Hornsgatan with a private bridge.

Södermalmstorg towards Gamla Stan   Hilly steet at Södermalmstorg   Södermalmstorg



Medborgarplatsen is a square in the center of Södermalm, popular for speeches and demonstrations. Dubbed Medis by locals, this square is pretty modern and here you find the Södertorn tower, Medborgarhuset (with a library, a theater and Debaser nightclub), the Lillienhoff Palace, several restaruants, the markethall, a supermarket and the Grand Mosque.

Lillienhoff Palace, Medborgarplatsen. Built in 1670 by a noble merchant.   Medborgarplatsen with Lillienhoff Palace and Söder Torn.   Medborgarhuset (Debaser nightclub and library), Medborgarplatsen

Söderhallarna is a market hall, a cinema complex and a 3-storey shopping galleria.


Looking West towards Söder Torn, Medborgarplatsen

Looking South towards the Grand Mosque, Medborgarplatsen

Söderhallarna market hall and shopping galleria, atrium   Söderhallarna market hall   Söderhallarna market hall

Söder Torn (Southern Tower). At 83 m and 24 floors and built in 1997, this postmodern highrise is one of Stockholm´s best designed "skyscrapers". Here you see it from the modern park Fatbursparken next to Medborgarplatsen.


The circular top of Söder Torn

Söder Torn was originally designed by the Danish architect Henning Larsen, but he left the project when the height was reduced from 40 to 24 floors!

Fatbursparken, a modern park surrounded by a large circular postmodern building   Postmodernism, Fatbursparken   Söder Torn seen from below at Fatbursparken

The stairs that leads from Fatbursparken up to Medborgarplatsen, laned with postmodern residential buildings.

Björns Trädgård (Bjorn's Garden), a small hilly park right opposite Medborgarplatsen from Götgatan. Here you find a skate park and a large mosque.


Södermalms Moské (or Zayed's mosque) at Björns Trädgård. It has been accused of a being a place for controversial anti semitic preaches!
Södermalms Moské, the largest mosque in Stockholm, was built in 1903 as Katarina electric power station and became a mosque in 2000.

Katarina Kyrka (St Catherine's Church) seen from Medborgarplatsen.


Debaser Medis nightclub, part of Medborgarhuset. A few meters from this spot Anna Lindh made her last speech before the murder in 2003.

Göta Lejon, a famous older cinema at Götgatan near "Medis"


GÖTGATAN, South part:

Götgatan, North of Medborgarplatsen   Götgatan, North of Medborgarplatsen   Victoria cinema, Götgatan.

Katarina Kyrka (St Catherine's Church) seen from Medborgarplatsen.


Debaser Medis nightclub at Medborgarhuset

Göta Lejon, a famous older cinema at Götgatan near "Medis"

Skrapan. The most famous skyscraper in Stockholm was the tallest building in Sweden between 1959-64. It was built as Skatteskrapan (Tax Revenue Tower) in 1959, but was converted to students apartments and changed name to just Skrapan in 2007. A new, 27th floor that holds a skybar, was also added on top of the building, making it 86m tall instead of 81, as well as a 3-storey shopping galleria called Skrapan, on the ground floors new glass atrium. It is probably the city's most famous highrise and is protected as a cultural landmark.


Skrapan, entrance at Götgatan. This is Stockholm's 3rd tallest skyscraper (2014).

Skrapan new shopping galleria

Skrapan, now 86m tall, is Stockholm's tallest residential building until 2015.   Götgatan seen from the interior of Skrapan   The Central Bar, urban with cheap beer, Götgatan

Allhelgonakyrkan seen from Götgatan.   Nice café, Götgatan   Rental bikes at Götgatan


SKANSTULLSBRON, South end of Södermalm:

Skanstull. South end of Södermalm, seen from Skanstullsbron, the large bridge to Johanneshov and Hammarby. To the left you see the new Clarion Hotel Stockholm.


Götgatan/Ringvägen intersection

Åhléns Söder department store from 1915 and large clock, Götgatan/Ringvägen intersection

Folksam Building (75m, 22 floors) at Skanstull, on the south end of Södermalm. Built in 1959 just like Skatteskrapan, as HQ to a large Swedish insurance company. To the right is Sofia kyrka. The was taken from Skanstullsbron, a tall bridge.


Folksam Building

Sofia kyrka, built on Södermalm in 1906 in Rhineland romanticism.

Skanstullsbron, the high bridge with views towards the skyline of southernmost Södermalm: Söder Torn (83m), Åhléns (department store) and Skrapan (86m). To the left is the railway tracks for metro trains.


HORNSGATAN, Mariatorget and Högalidsgatan:

Högalidskyrkan, the  twin tower church on top of a hill on Södermalm. It is built in national romantic style, which means it got inspiration from older Swedish styles.



The church was completed in 1923 and was drawn by Ivar Tengbom.

Hornsgatan towards the East.


Hornsgatan, the main street of Södermalm that goes in a west-east direction.

An 80s Cadillac on Hornsgatan.

Hornsgatan, the East-West main street   Hornsgatan   Maria Kyrka, Hornsgatan

Maria Magdalena Kyrka (St Mary's Church) from 1430 is situated on Hornsgatan.


Mariatorget is to the right. There are many Chinese restaurants on Hornsgatan.

Viking bar on Hornsgatan was featured in the popular movie "Jönssonligan".

Mariatorget, a wellknown small square at Hornsgatan, a very calm and relaxed place with a nice fountain. Doves like to gather here.



Side street to Hornsgatan


Houses built on rocks on this beautiful street, a side street to Hornsgatan and Brännkyrkagatan (Burn Church Street)..


Bellmans gata


The Northeastern end of Södermalm is very hilly.


Kungsholmen, Norrmalm and Riddarholmen from Södermalm (see skylines section)

Gamla Stan from Södermalm (see skylines section)

A good viewpoint at the Hilton   Views of Norrmalm   Hilton Stockholm

Mose Backe and local SL subway trains, seen from a boat.


Norrmalm from Södermalm (see skylines section)

Kungsholmen and part of Södermalm (see skylines section)


Södermalm from Slussen (see night section)   Medborgarplatsen (see night section)   Götgatan (see night section)