Stockholm by night

As the capital of Sweden and the largest city in Scandinavia, Stockholm comes alive at night, especiallyon weekends. In the area around Stureplan, at the border between Norrmalm and Östermalm, you find many popular night clubs like Spy bar and Sturecompagniet, famous for celebrities and the hipster "elite". On Södermalm the night life is centered around Götgatan and Medborgarplatsen. At Norrmalm you find the fancy clubs at Berzelli park, Kungsträdgården, Sergels torg and Drottninggatan, like the famous Berns salonger. There are also a lot of rock clubs and venues for concerts in Stockholm, like Debaser. Many buildings are illuminated at night, you will find many neon lights at Medborgarplatsen, Södermalms torg and Sergels torg. However, after dark, the skyline of central Stockholm is not as illuminated as you might wish. Gamla Stan, Old Town, is a especially nice area to stroll at night with its illuminated historic buildngs and small lanes. Here in the Old Town you also find stores, cafés and nightclubs in the basements.



Grand Hotel, the grand dame of Stockholm' hotels. This 5 star hotel is situated at Strandvägen.

Radisson Strand Hotel at Nybroviken, Östermalm.


Strandvägen, a main street a long the bay with nice hotelsNybroviken

Södermalm seen from Nybrokajen   Ship at Nybrokajen   Ship at Nybrokajen



Drottninggatan, the long main shopping street that goes through the whole Norrmalm.

Hötorget, Hötorgsskraporna, Konserthuset, Filmstaden and Hötorgshallen.



Konserthuset, Royal Concert Hall, Hötorget

Kungstornen, Sweden's first "skyscrapers" seen from Kungsgatan.



Kungshallen, a popular markethall at Kungsgatan

Adolf Fredriks Kyrka between Sveavägen and Drottniggatan. Olof Palme is buried at its churchyard. He was murdered in 1986 not very far from here at the intersecton Sveavägen/Tunnelgatan (now Olof Palmes gata). The killers hasn't been found.


The tomb of Olof Palme, former Swedish prime minister.

Palme was very famous and was assasinated in February 28th, 1986.

Lion Bar, Sveavägen   Rock store, Sveavägen    

Berzelii Park with the Jöns Jacob Berzelius statue. This small park was named after Berlius, one of the founders of modern chemistry.

Ericsson statue, Berzelii Park


Berns salonger, Berzelii Park Berns salonger, an exclusive and famous nightclub, hotel and restaurant. It was completed in 1863. Such various artists as Frank Zinatra, Ryan Adams and Louis Armstrong have performed here.


"Dramaten", the Royal Dramatic Theatre.


Vintage American car in front of Dramaten

Kungsträdgården, the largest park in central Stockholm, with King Karl XII statue. To the right is S:t Jacobs kyrka.


S:t Jacobs Church, KungsträdgårdenKungsträdgården metro station

Riksdagshuset (Government Bldg, left) at Helgeandsholmen island and Kungliga Operan (the Royal Opera) at Strömgatan, Norrmalm (right).


Kungsträdgården, the largest park in central StockholmRiksdagshuset (Government Bldg, left) at Helgeandsholmen island

Stockholm City Hall on Kungsholmen   Drottninggatan trough Riksdagshuset, the Government Bldg   Classicist building



Södermalm seen Gamla Stan.


Södermalm North point, and Slussen

Vintage neon advertizement seen form Södermalms torg

Vintage neon advertizement seen form Södermalms torg


Vintage advertizement seen form Södermalms torg

Hellstone, a music store

Götgatan, the main street on Södermalm with nighclubs and pubs   Götgatan   Götgatan

Medborgarplatsen is a square in the center of Södermalm, popular for speeches and demonstrations. Dubbed Medis by locals, this square is pretty modern and here you find the Södertorn tower, Medborgarhuset (with a library, a theater and Debaser nightclub), the Lillienhoff Palace, several restaruants, the markethall, a supermarket and the Grand Mosque. After dark you will find neon lights, nightclubs and restaurants.

Medborgarplatsen with Södertorn (83m tall) to the right with its illuminated postmodern top.


Open air restaurants and Södertorn, built 1997, at Medborgarplatsen

Debaser nightclub, Medborgarplatsen



Old Town (Gamla Stan) with German Church (Tyska Kyrkan)


Centralbron, Slussen

Old Town (Gamla Stan)

DN-skrapan, Kungsholmen   Train at Slussen   Expressen/DN newspaper building, Gamla Stan


Kungliga Slottet, the Royal Castle. I visited the interior the last day.


Slottet and Lejonbacken (Lion Hill)

Narrow lane in Gamla Stan


Västerlånggatan (West Long Street), the main street of the Old Town   Lord Nelson Hotel, a boutique hotel in Gamla Stan   Narrow lanes of Gamla Stan

Narrow lanes of Gamla Stan   Special store, Gamla Stan   Narrow lanes of Gamla Stan

Österlånggatan (East Long Street), one of two main streets in Gamla Stan.



Narrow lane in Gamla Stan

Narrow lanes of Gamla Stan   Narrow tunnel, Gamla Stan   Narrow lanes of Gamla Stan

Västerlånggatan (West Long Street), the main street of the Old Town. Here you find many specialy stores and cafés in historic buildings.


Rock Town, a rock store on Västerlånggatan



Stockholm Ghost Walk, a promenade to spooky places in the Old Town.
Tyska Kyrkan (German Church)

Aifur krog & bar with viking theme.   Aifur krog & bar   Aifur krog & bar

Best Hostel Old Town. The very cheap but not so good hostel where I stayed. It had no lockers and was pretty shabby.   Narrow indoor passage in Gamla Stan    



Gröna Lund is Stockholm's most famous amusement park. It is situated on the island Djurgården near central Stockholm. You can watch the photos from Gröna Lund here.

The two tallest ride towers of Gröna Lund, a small but very popular amusement park.

There are many cafés and restaurants at Gröna Lund. And this fountain with its spitting sculpture.


Restaurants at Gröna Lund

Hasselbacken, a famous hotel and restaurant



Södermalm seen from Gröna Lund   Passenger ferry from Gröna Lund   Skeppsholmen island

Gröna Lund seen from the ferry to Gröna Lund, Djurgården   View of the city center from the ferry to Gröna Lund, Djurgården   The ferry to Gröna Lund, Djurgården