Stockholm´s skylines and views

This page is dedicated to Stockholm´s many views, offering many opportunities for skyline photographing.
However, Stockholm´s skyline is not big. The tallest buildings are just over 100 meters and many of the
highrises are not so goodlooking, but there are many beautiful churches and other historic buildings
towering and the tall city hall is visible from many places. Also Kaknästornet, Sweden's tallest TV tower,
is visible from some angles.In the suburb of Kista, Stockholm's first "real skyscraper", only second in
height to Turning Torso, has been constructed, and the tall Victoria Tower is under construction next to it.

This part is from August 2003,when the weather was good, but I had a really crappy low resolution digicam:

From 2003 with good weather, but bad digicam:

Stockholm skyline with Riddarholmen in the foreground and city in the background.
Tall buildings from the left: Klarakyrkan, Hötorgsskraporna(5 buildings), Riddarholmskyrkan. The "castle"
is Rosenbad, the Swedish government building.

Gamla Stan(old town). The church to the left is Storkyrkan(St Nicolai church) and the churhc in the center
is Tyska Kyrkan(German church, 96m) and Kaknästornet can be seen to the right.

City center skyline. Tall buildings from the left: Stadshuset(city hall), Klarakyrkan and Hötorgsskraporna 1-5.

City center skyline. To the left: Hötorgsskraporna and Kungstornen. To the right: Östermalm.

Kungsholmen, the city hall is dominating the skyline.

Riddarholmen. A very small island connecting Gamla Stan, Norrmalm and Södermalm. The tall church is Riddarholmskyrkan.

Södermalm. KF-huset and Katarinahissen in the middle.

Södermalm sunset skyline from the south with two skyscrapers: Folksam Building to the right and Skatteskrapan far to the left.

Östermalm skyline a late afternoon seen from Katarinahissen(the outdoor elevator).

Östermalm to the left of Nobelparken. The tall church is Oskars kyrka(78m).

Östermalm skyline at sunset, seen from the rocks at northern end of Södermalm.

View from Strandvägen with Radisson Strand Hotel to the left and Hötorgsskraporna to the right.

Observatorielunden, a park in Vasastaden. View towards the 70m tall St Johannes Church.

Djurgården. Nordiska museet, Kaknästornet and Gröna Lund with its drop-tower.

Djurgården with Gröna Lund.

The tall and very trafficated bridge connecting Södermalm with the suburbs(actually Johanneshov).

The bridge leads to Globen at Johanneshov.

View from the same bridge. In the foreground is an architect firm´s headquarters in green glass. The
residential area on the hills in the distance is Hammarby with Hammarby tower to the right of the chimney.

View from Västerbron(west bridge), connecting Kungsholmen with Södermalm(on the photo). The church
with the twin towers is called Högalidkyrkan (82m).

Panorama from Västerbron. From the left: Kungsholmen with the city hall, Gamla stan and Södermalm. It is
the same panorama continuing on two photos. Skatteskrapan and Söder Torn is visible on the right pic, but
the quality is too bad to figure out where it is.

Sunset seen from southern part of Stockholm.

A sunset view over Mälaren, taken from the most modern of the only two tram lines in Stockholm.

View from Gondolen, a skybridge at a rock at the strand of Södermalm. You can take the famous elevator
Katarinahissen (from 1935) from the rock down to the ground at Slussen.

View over the city center and Östermalm from the top of Kaknästornet.

The view from the train when we arrived in Stockholm at 3 o´clock Friday. The small white thing is Globen.

The 2nd view, when entering Stockholm(Södermalm) from the suburbs. The Folksam building and
Hammarbytornet can be seen in the distance. After entering the border to Stockholm, we just passed a long
train tunnel and all of a sudden Stockholm´s city center arose.

Don't forget to click here to look at the skyline photos from 2010, when I had a good digicam but the weather was bad.