City center - modern part I


In the East part of the city center of The Hague, near the central station, many of the Netherlands tallest buildings outside Rotterdam are situated. Most of them, including the tallest ones the 2 brand new ministry buildings, have been constructed the last 10 years and features striking design. Before that The Hague's skyline was almost non existent. The East part of the city center has many large scale projects, and even more are under construction. Some of the world's most prominent architects have been involved in constructing this area, just next to the railway. The Nieuw Ministerie buildings, Ministerie van Vroom and New Babylon are the largest complexes, each like a city within a city. You can also find a tram that goes above the ground.


Around Het Strijkijzer and the HS Station:

Het Strijkijzer, the "flatiron". This strikingly modern triangular shaped glass skyscraper from 2007 has a helicopter platform on the top. Glass enclosed elevators take people to the observation terrace on the 41st floor. It was inspired by the Flatiron Bldg in New York.

Het Strijkijzer is 132m tall and has 42 floors. It was designed by AAArchitecten and is The Hague's tallest all-residential tower.

Den Haag Hollands Spoor, the old train station where I arrived. The new Den Haag Centraal is much larger and more modern, it is the largest terminal station in the Netherlands.

Het Strijkijzer and one of Hague's red and white trams outside the NS railway station.

A flower plantage at one of the few canals of The Hague, in Beatrixkwartier near the old station.

A brick building with pattern, next to Het Strijkijzer.

De Kroon, a 41-storey skyscraper from 2011 designed by Rapp+Rapp. It is 132m tall. Here in front of Castalia and Nieuw Ministerie.´



Spuiplein is a modern square between the Niewe Kerk and the much more modern theatre complex, close to the tall Ministry skyscrapers. The modern City Hall is just next to it. The street called Spui divides the church from the modern buildings.

Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) was built in 1649. It was designed by the architect Peter Noorvits. The brothers De Witt and the philosopher Spinoza are buried here. Today it serves as a concert hall, after a large restoration in 1969.

Nieuwe Kerk seen from Spuiplein. Today it stands just opposite very modern buildings.

Details of The New Church.

A new movie theater complex in Den Haag, opposite the New Church. It includes Dr Anton Philipszaal, a nightclub, a concert hall, a cinema and the Lucent Danstheater. In the background the old ministry buildings from 1977 can be seen, for 7 years the Hague´s tallest buildings.

A skull sculpture outside the movie theater.

Another sculpture.

The old Ministry buildings and De Kroon.

The City Hall-Librarry (Stadhuis-Bibliotheek) is very modern and has 13 floors.

Upon completion, in 1995, the atrium of the City Hall/Library was the largest in Europe.

A miniature of the old Den Haag inside the City Hall.

The new city hall is very bright, open and modern inside with glass enclosed panorama elevators. The buildings was designed by Richard Meier and partners.

Muzentoren from year 2000 has a tunnel right through the building where trams can pass.

The brand new Nieuw Miniserie, the Hague’s new 2 tallest skyscrapers, 146m tall and 39 floore each. They were just completed before my visit in 2012.

The red one is called Nieuw Ministerie van Justitie and the white one is called Nieuw Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken.

De Kroon from 2011 (right) and Nieuw Ministerie's 2 towers from 2012.

Hoftoren, the tallest building in The Hague until 2012. It has a height of 142m and is now the 3rd tallest. The postmodern building was designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox.

The modern part of the Hague nowadays looks like a science fiction metropolis with trains in the sky driving through tall buildings!

Nieuw Ministerie,, New Ministry's 2 brand new skyscrapers.

De Witte Anna to the right was built in 1987 and was the tallest building in the city for 10 years.

Trams pass through buildings. Zürichtoren can be seen in the background, it was designed by Cesar Pelli.

Ministerie van VROM, you can pass right through this building near the central station.

Ministerie van VROM. This building from 1992 has no less then 8 futuristic atriums! This is the external atrium. It also features glass roofs.

One of the internal atriums.

A walking hamburger!

New Babylon – a city within a city! A brand new (2012) mixed-use complex that includes hotel (Hampshire) and offices. The tallest tower (City Tower) is 142m tall and the lower one (Park Tower) is 102m.It includes offices, apartments, a hotel, a cinema, a parking garage and stores. It was designed by Meyer en Van Schooten.

City Tower, the tallest tower in the Miami looking New Babylon complex.

Details of New Babylon.

Around Kalvermarkt and Grote Marktstraat:

Around these quarters between the modern City Hall, Chinatown and Old Town. you can find no less then 5 large department stores (Bijenkorf, Hema, V&D, P&C, C&A) and one mall.

A sculpture at the Stadhuis-Bibliotheek (City Hall). In the background you can see Castalia and Hoftoren.

Kalvermarkt towards the downtown skyscrapers. The city hall is to the right.


V&D, a large department store chain.

Gebouw in 2511 EN, a large shopping mall Grote Marktstraat in the middle of The Hague.

Escalators in the sky! Inside the large shopping galleria.

De Bijenkorf, a large department store chain. Looking towards Wagenstraat, Chinatown.

Inside De Bijenkorf. Just before the European Football Championship.

Peek & Cloppenburg clothes department store.