Old Town The Hague


This is the Old Town, a big contrast to the futuristic skyscrapers in the new part that only existed for a decade. The Old Town is several hundred years old and contains many old, narrow buildings. Here you can find narrow picturesque pedestrian streets, a lot of shopping (Den Haag has the longest number of shopping streets in the Netherlands), histoic churches, unusual stores and lively squares with statues, pubs and restaurants. Het Binnenhof is situated just in the beginning of the Old Town and Paleis Noordeinde in the Northwest end of it (see separate parts on the main page).

Korte Poten and Plaats:

Korte Poten is a nice pedestrian street that begins near the Binnenhof and the new town. It features many different stores.

Many famous attractions can be reached through Korte Poten.

Korte Poten reaching Plaats, the square with all open air restaurants.

Plein, a square in the city center, just one block East of Het Binnenhof. Korte Poten passes by. Plein means "the square". It was built in 1632 and was designed to remind of Place Royale in Paris. Because of the proximity of the Binnenhof, it is often used as a place for political protests and demonstrations.

Departmente van Justice, part of the Second Chamber of the State.

Departmente van Justice is located in an old renaissance building.

Plein (means just square or place) with the skyline in the background. Imagine that only 10 years ago (from 2012) these skyscrapers didn't exist.

A closer look, including the statue of Willem den Eerste (Wilhelm the first).

This prince Willem den Eerste was the main at the Dutch revolt against the Spanish in the 1500s. The historic Mauritshaus (not on pictures) is also close to the square.

Ministerie van Defensie, Ministry of Defense at Plaats.

Open air café at Plaats/Korte Poten. Note the top of the skyscrapers in the background.

Korte Poten towards Hofplaats.

Hofplaats, a square at Korte Poten. I had diner at this Burger King.

A nice shopping arcade at Buitenhof square.

Hofvijver Lake at the Dutch parliament with the fountain.

Het Binnenhof has been the Dutch parliament since 1446, here seen Hofvijver Lake.. It means “inner court”. The “little tower” (het Torentje) is the office of the prime minister. Read more about it and see more pictures on the separate Binnenhof page (clickhere).

Buitenhof square and the entrance to Het Binnenhof.

CK Pand building at Lange Vijverberg, the green street opposite Binnenhof.

Buitenhof, the square next to Binnehof. In the back you can see Maison de Bonneterie.

Buitenhof has many open air restaurants.

Plaats (the Place), another nice square.It is triangular in shape and lies just next to Binnehof and Hofvijver Lake. It was once the place for public executions, including some historical people.

At the Plaats there are many open air restaurants. You can also find the statue of Johann de Witt.

The Prison Gate at Buitenhof with the Plaats in the background.


Around Riviervismarkt and Gravenstraat:

Hollandse Spoorweg, old building at Gravenstraat, one of many pedestrain streets.

Luxorious stores at a pedestrian street. Den Haag has more shopping miles then any other Dutch city.

The Sting, an unusual clothes store at Gravenstraat.

Details of The Sting.

The beautiful interior of the Sting store.

Haagsche Bluf, a very nice galleria.

The courtyard of Haagsche Bluf.

A chandelier of the Haagsche Bluff galleria.

Oud Staadhuis, the Old City Hall, a beautiful renaissance building. Grote Kerk is to the left.

Details of Oud Staadhuis, a complex of several old buildings.

The tower of the Old Town Hall.

A red brick building with a tower.

Grote Kerk (Great Church), a landmark protestant church at Grote Markt in the Old Town. This gothic church was built in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Grote Kerk is one of the oldest buildings in Den Haag. The official name is Grote of Sint-Jacobskerk.

An old bank building opposite Grote Kerk at Riviervismarkt.

Grote Markt:

Grote Markt, a square where you can find open air restaurants.

A pedestrian street near Grote Markt.


A church at Bleijenburg street.

Bleijenbrug is a street in the east part of old town, close to the new area.

De Kroon skyscraper seen from old town.

Old buildings and part of the skyline.