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Population: 82 000
Tallest building: Cathedral
Language: Spanish
Founded: 7th century BC
State: Castille-La Mancha
Area: 232.1 km²
Year visited: 2011



Toledo is small, but one of the most importants cities in Spain, and is situated 70km south of Madrid.It is the capital of Castille-La Mancha and the Toledo province. Until the mid 1500s it was the capital of Spain. In 1986 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to the many historically and culturally important sights. Toledo was founded by the romans. The Old Town is really a beauty; old buildings, hills, narrow lanes, cathedrals and synagogues. Toledo is famous for the coexistance of Christians, Jews and Muslims. You can find churches, among them on of the most magnificent gothic cathedrals in the world, 2 synagogues and moorish palaces. Many famous people were born and lived in Toledo. Some examples are El Greco, Alfonso X and Eleanor of Toledo. The Romans, the Muslims and the Visagothics have all ruled the city. The city also has many museums. Because of all that the Old Town is crowded with tourists. Plaza de Zocodover is the commercial heart of Toledo, were most restaurants and service are.Alcazar (castle) and the Cathedral are dominating the skyline. The city has a beautiful setting, where the old town lies on a hill above the Tagus River.


In February 2011 I visited Madrid, for a week together with my girlfriend. She had to get home earlier then me, and I made a daytrip to Toledo, about 30 minutes from Madrid with fastspeed train. The railway station is situated a bit away from the old city center. Unfortunately part of my trip was ruined when may bank card was trapped in an ATM machine at Zocodover Square. I lost one hour of about 5 to spend in Toledo and was worried about the cash, because my other card didn't work either. A young couple were very helpful. According to my bank there was nothing wrong with the card, but obviously there was! But it was still nice to visit Toledo, the city is really beautiful and there are historical sights everywhere, it was sunny and 22 degrees, very warm for being in February. It is easy to get lost in Toledo's Old Town, even if you have a map, because the street pattern is like a labyrinth. I mostly looked at the exteriors of the buildings, I had too little time, (and it was nicer to be outside when as it was sunny, coming from Swedish winter) to discover the buildings inside. There is an entrance fee to enter the great cathedral, plus you are not allowed to take any photos inside, so I didn't think it was worth to get inside even if it is said to be one of the most magnificent cathedrals in the world.

Toledo was part of my Madrid trip.

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