Toledo - outside the gates to the Old Town

Rio Tagus, the railway station and views of the Old Town from afar could be found on my walk from the train to the Old Town.

The Railway Station. Arriving from Madrid. The train takes about 30 minutes.

The station is very beautiful in Moorish style.

It was 22 degrees when I arrived in Toledo. I had to walk to the Old Town.

Juanelo, the road next to the river and the Old Town.

Alcazar, the landmark castle. More about it in the Old Town section.

A more modern bridge in the North part of the city. Hospital de Tavera, that is dominating the picture, was completed in 1603. It influenced El Escorial.

The gate to Puente de Alcántara, the Roman bridge that leads to Old Town.

A Cuban restaurant in a rock!

Rio Tagus flowing next to the Old Town. A very beautiful view...

A closer look of River Tagus and the bridge Puente Nuevo de Alcántara.

The North part from afar.

Puente de Alcántara was built by the Romans. It was almost the only gate for the pilgrims in the middle age.

The red soil of surrounding hills.

Towards Academia de Infanteria.

The gate that leads up to the stairs to the Old Town. It is a bit tough to walk up, especially if it is sunny!

Plaza de la Concepcion.

Santa Cruz church with Museo de Toledo.

Puerta de la Sangre. The gate to Plaza de Zocodover , the beginning of the old town.

The same gate, on my way back to the train to Madrid.

Views of River Tagus from the Old Town.

A caravan of Opel Calibras were escorted by the police on this road while I tired walked back to the station (the cars are not in this photo.)

River Tagus (Rio Taju) and the bridge Puente Nuevo de Alcántara.

Who has the keys to the bridge? These locks were placed on the bridge.

The fastspeed train back to Madrid.

Commie blocks in the north outskirts of the city. Even Toledo has these kind of monotone highrise districts.