CITY CENTER:        

City center

      Porta Nigra

Trier Cathedral, Hauptmarkt, St Gangolf Kirche, Liebfrauenkirche, Kornmarkt, Domfreihof, Hauptbahnhof


  Konstantinbasilika, Aula Palatina, Roter Turm, Willy-Brandt-Platz, Konstantinplatz   Black Gate, Simeonstrasse



Mosel, skyline

River Mosel, Fernmeldeturm Trier-Petrisberg, Trier Cathedral        


Population: 110 000
Tallest structure: Fernmeldeturm Trier-Petrisberg (132m)
Tallest building:
Trier Cathedral
Area: 117 km²
Founded: 4 BC bt the Celts as Treuorum
Year visited: 2022 (July)

Trier is Germany's oldest, or one of the oldest cities. Trier was founded by the Celts as Treuorum 4BC and 300 years later it was conquered by the Romans and changed name Augusta Treverorum. It is situated close to the border to Luxeumbourg. Mosel River flows West of the city center (Zentrum). The city has a beautiful setting between Mosel and the green mountains of Rheinland-Palatinate. The historical core is partly well preserved with several historical buildings intact, such as the romanesque Trier Cathedral (Hohe Domkirche St. Peter zu Trier) that is the oldest church in Germany (completed 1270), it's gothic twin Liebfrauenkirche and St Gangolf Kirche at Hauptmarkt, that also feature many other beautiful buildings. Simeonstrasse leads to Porta Nigra (Black Gate), an impressive large dark gate built by the Romans. Aula Palatina (Konstantinbasilika), Electoral Palace (Kurfürstliches Palais) and Roter Turm (Red Tower) are impressive historical buildings situated around Willy-Brandt-Platz and Konstantinplatz. At the square Kornmarkt you find the pink baroque building Posthof, the French Casino and the beautiful fountain/sculpture Sankt Georgsbrunnen. Many sights are UNESCO sites.

Karl Marx was from Trier, there is a statue and a museum in the city, Karl Marx Haus. Theodor-Heus-Allee is a mighty boulevard that leads to Hauptbahnhof, the modernist Central station. Universität Trier, the University of Trier, was founded in 1473. On top of the hills above the city are the TV tower Fernmeldeturm Trier-Petrisberg and the Mariensäule, the Maria Column.


I had 1.5 hour to explore Trier, before taking the free bus to Luxembourg, that is less then an hour from Trier. I arrived from Bonn, that I toured the same day, so it was a very tight schedule. I didn't manage to see everything, but the most important buildings like Porta Nigra, Hauptmarkt and the Cathedral, I saw on the outside. These historical buildings were stunning, as well as the views from Mosel, but as soon as you leave these quarters, you find many dull streets since Trier was bombed several times during WWII, and partly rebuilt in a ugly style. But the historical part is among the most beautiful in Germany. I also visited Trier briefly on the way back from Luxembourg, before taking the train to Koblenz. All this was part of the 2022 9 euro DB railway ticket, where you could travel as much as you could within the whole country for only 9 euro!