Population: 25 000
Province: Liguria

Year: 2001, 2002
and 2008

Ventimiglia is a small coast town on the Italian Riviera with both a historic and a newer center. It was the first city I visited in Italy ever, visited back in 2001. In 2002 and 2008 I just dropped off there for half an hour or so to change trains on the way to nearby San Remo and took some additional pictures. Ventmiglia is a border town to France so many French people go there, as alcohol in Italy is even cheaper than in France. Ventimiglia is called Vintimille in French. There are some beautiful buildings to see, but overall it is a sleepy small town.

The main street is called Via Roma. Ventmiglia also has a long harbour area, popular for tourists.

The ugly train station (to the right). Ventimiglia is a major train hub.

In 2001 I walked in the old part of town with very narrow streets (unfortunately there are no better pics). But the city center is situated in the newer part.

The autostrada high above the outskirts of Ventimiglia. The road standard in Italy is generally very good, probably because of the high road taxes.