ABOUT Villajoyosa (La Vila Joiosa):

Population: 34 000 
Other names: La Vila Joiosa
Language: Spanish, Valenciano
Alicante (comarca Marina-Baixa)
Autonomous community:
20.45 km²
Year visited: 2016

Villajoyosa (Spanish), or La Vila Joiosa (Valencian) is a small city between Alicante and Benidorm. It is know for it's chocolate industry, colourful houses, it's beach promenade, the popular Paradise Beach and a small old town with a beautiful gothic church. Since we visited very briefly on the way to Benidorm, we mostly saw the modern part with common modernist buildings. We tried to find the old town and the seafront but didn't manage to find it. But you can see parts of it on the last half of the gallery. Just like most other Spanish cities, it is a nightmare to drive through with annoying one-way roads, careless pedestrians and impatient car drivers. Locals call it La Vila.

Passing Villajoyosa on the road from Alicante to Benidorm. Villajoyosa - new part of the city centre Villajoyosa 03 Villajoyosa 04 Villajoyosa 05 - police station Villajoyosa 06 Villajoyosa 07 Villajoyosa 08 Villajoyosa 09 - bridge above former river Villajoyosa 10  - bridge above former river Villajoyosa 11 Villajoyosa 12 Villajoyosa 13 Villajoyosa 13 - part of the old town Villajoyosa 14 - part of the colourful old town Villajoyosa 15 - old and new Villajoyosa 16 Villajoyosa 17 Villajoyosa 18 - View towards Alicante.