Möllevångsfestivalen was a 2 day long festival that were held at Möllevången, Malmö’s most gritty and picturesque district. It was held 23-24 of July. It was the last
time it was held. Not to be confused with the much larger Malmöfestivalen. During the festival there was some kind of cosmopolitan “hippie” feeling in the area.

Möllevången during Möllevångsfestivalen 2010. It was the last festival of its kind, because the management want to focus on "creating more apartment for the people".

Some concert were held "no big ones".

The “graffiti” wall, here with an add for the festival.

The festival during night.

On Möllevången people certainly know how to use a computer…:)

A cool sort of Calatrava like design for the roof.