Västra Hamnen

Västra Hamnen, the district of the west harbor, is the place were most of Malmö´s developments are going on. This is the site for the large Bo01 exhibition in 2001 where people actually could get inside the new houses with their daring architecture. The area is totally dominated by Scandinavia's tallest building Turning Torso, completed summer 2005. It was meant that the now world famous Turning Torso should be completed at the time for the exhibition, like many other buildings, but construction hadn´t even begun yet then! Turning Torso is the new landmark skyscraper of Malmö. Today, Västra Hamnen is a thriving residental area with still a lot of construction going on. The east part of Västra Hamnen is a brand new district called Dockan. The part that Don't miss the special page dedicated to Turning Torso as well as Dockan and Hjälmarekajen that have their own pages. Today (2010), Västra Hamnen has practically grown together with the city center.

Skyline pic of the Västra Hamnen (West Harbour) area with Turning Torso, completed in 2003, seen to the left. Turning Torso is, at a height of 190m, Scandinavia's
tallest building. For more pics of the building, go to the Turning Torso section. Other siginificant buildings, though much lower, are the new WTC, Kockumshuset, the
glass building and Malmömässan, that is about to be torn down while taking this picture.

These pictures are taken in June 2006 and the district is not a big construction site anymore.
Pounds, waterfalls, greenery and sculptures have recently been built in Västra Hamnen.

I discovered this brand new glass sphere recently and find it very cool, especially in front of Turning Torso!

Inside the glass sphere is greenery.

Yes, the mirror is what you think it is.

Cool architecture, isn't it? In my opinion the nicest structure built in VH since TT.

Even the ground looks a bit exclusive.

The most exotic view in Sweden?

Öresundsbron, that takes you to Copenhagen and the rest of Europe.

The new World Trade Center in Västra Hamnen. The taller addition is integrated with the already existing Tekninkportalen.

With only 11 floors and much lower than Turning Torso it is still the 2nd tallest tallest building in Västra Hamnen.
Malmö’s WTC is the 3rd one in Sweden.

The new World Trade Center´s lower section under construction.

Copenhagen's skyline as seen from Västra Hamnen. Note all the wind power stations to the right.

Strandpromenaden, the vibrant center of Västra Hamnen.

Can you spot the recently closed powerplant Barsebäck in the distance?

People, and a waterfall, in front of Copenhagen, Denmark, but in Malmö, Sweden.

The entrance to VH and its strand promenade.

Strandpromenaden (the strand promenade) at dusk.

Some of the residences.

Many new residential buildings are under construction in Västra Hamnen. Turning Torso in the background.


Pictures from the East part of Västra Hamnen:

Kockumshuset. 16 floors, 65m. Built in 1958 as Kockum's HQ.

The new teachers university, under construction. It has "words of wisdom" written
in its mirroring aluminium façade.

Recently, they opened a new bridge in Malmö, Universitetsbron
(University Bridge). It will take Malmö's city center closer to
the sea with new connections.

Universitetsbron. This lighthouse is actually not new, but it was integrated by the bridge that opened earlier this year.

A lot of construction is going on next to TT.

The new waterfall and bridge, a little Asian style.